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Are Weighted Hula Hoops Becoming A New Trend?

    Weighted heavy hula hoops are a fun and challenging way to build aerobic health, work out core muscles, and burn calories, among other health benefits. 

    Are Weighted Hula Hoops Becoming A New Trend

    Finding the perfect home workout that fits your preference, goals, and space often requires quite a bit of creativity. At the same time, it may not be obvious, but TikTok, which is a social media platform famed for pasta recipes and dance routines, can be an excellent place for inspiration. The latest fitness trends on TikTok can help you find a workout that fits your requirement.

    Fitness enthusiasts on the platform have turned to weighted hula loops for their endurance building and core strengthening capabilities. More than 40 million views on the hashtag ‘#weightedhulaloop,’ with videos of experts and newbies alike praising the benefits of incorporating the benefits of including the exercise in your workout regime.

    Size And Weight Of The Hoops

    Weighted hula hoops are a variant of the original plastic version. As you might have guessed from its name, they are heavier than the regular ones; they are generally larger and made from a soft material.

    Weighted hula loops are available in various weights and sizes. The size of the hula hoop can vary by brand. Generally, the adult size of the hoops is available between the lengths of 37 to 41 inches. The weight of the hula loops can vary from around one to five pounds. The more experience and more muscular you are, the more weight you can handle.

    Before you start with the exercise, ensure that you are using a hula hoop of an appropriate weight and size. Also, make sure that you are wearing form-fitting clothes, as looser ones can get tangled in the hoop. 

    When you begin initially, the hoop would probably spend more time on the ground than your waist; it takes repeated exercise to time it correctly. The more you exercise, the more you’ll improve at handling hula hoops. It is vital that you remain patient and don’t give up.

    How To Correctly Use The Hoops

    • Begin by grasping the hula hoop in one hand while standing with feet spread out, and one foot should be six to eight inches in front of the other. If you spin counterclockwise, start to weigh your right foot forward. If you rotate clockwise, begin with your left foot forward.
    • If you are beginning, you might want to practice the hula motion. You can practice the action without the hoops first, make small backward and forward movements with your hips while shifting your weight slightly from heels to your toes and back to your heels again. Keep repeating this motion till you feel comfortable.
    • Hold the hoop around your waist with the back hook on the small of your waist, just over your hips. Hips should be pointing down slightly from the front.
    • Once in position, rotate the hoop and attempt to catch it with the front hip as you begin moving back and forth. You can also control the speed at which the hoop spins by making changes to the rate at which you move your hips.

    Benefits Of Weighted Hula Loops

    Although the specific research on weighted hula hoops is limited, there is still evidence that there are several benefits to this exercise. Benefits such as improved aerobic health, burning calories, reduces abdominal fat, reduces fat around your hips and waist, decreases bad cholesterol, and increases motivation to exercise again.


    Weighted hula hoops are a sturdier, heavier variant of the kids’ toy. Hula hoops are a stimulating and challenging way for burning your calories and for building core strength. It is recommended that you consult with a healthcare professional first if you have any health issues.