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5 Fitness Mirrors For The Best At Home Work Out

    Working out should be incorporated into your everyday routine to live a long and healthy life.  There are various benefits of working out, where sweating out unhealthy fat from your body can help you obtain a muscular physique and a motivation to eat healthily. Following a healthy lifestyle is not an easy task and demands investment in time, money, and dedication. The strict social distancing norms issued due to the global pandemic had forced people to work out at home, leading individuals to recreate their space to turn their garage or home into a home gym. While there are many pieces of gym equipment that you could purchase, keep in mind your house space and budget, the mirror is an essential component of creating a home gym. Mirrors keep you motivated to obtain the figure that you desire. Today, the mirror is not merely a reflection on the screen but has advanced features in it. Here are five mirrors that you should consider investing in for your home gym. 

    Lululemon Mirror

    Space issues can be a major problem while considering turning your room into a home gym. This Lululemon mirror solves the space problem as it is elegant, sleek, and compact. The frame is made up of carbon steel and has a dimension of 40 inches. You can easily mount the mirror on the wall. Even though installation is easy, professional delivery and installation services are $250. You can also have a face-to-face personal training session on the mirror. This is possible due to the in-built camera as well as speakers. The front-facing camera can also be used to take gym selfies and can track your progress. The camera has a privacy cover used when the camera is not in use. The mirror is compatible with Apple Watch with Bluetooth connectivity so that monitoring your heart rate can be possible. A one-year warranty is offered for the product, as well as a thirty-day free trial. You can engage in classes for Yoga, Zumba, Pilates, kickboxing, and a full-body Bootcamp. 

    Tempo Studio

    The Tempo Studio is not technically a mirror but an AI that maps your body in 3D with the front camera’s help. It is currently the most futuristic fitness mirror. The AI monitors the number of reps and sets that you have completed and has a feature that can notify your personal trainer instantly when you don’t keep a proper form while working out. The company claims that privacy is protected as the AI only scans your skeleton and not the room around you and avoids unique features that distinguish you from the population. The session can only begin when you step on the center of your mat. The base of the device has a storage facility where you can store your workout gear. The Tempo Studio is $1781 currently. 

    Echelon Reflect Touch

    There is no other fitness mirror than the Echelon Reflect Touch to help you get rid of boredom during the pandemic. The Echelon mirror has the largest touchscreen that is 50 inches in size. There are 40 inches variants available as well for a relatively lower price. Features in the Echelon Reflect Mirror include a camera and a built-in speaker. Furthermore, basic connectivity like Bluetooth can be used for monitoring your heart rate or heartbeat during your intense workouts. Echelon will never let you feel lonely while working out to help you compete with your friends with a point-based system. Working out at a different heart rate can give you a higher point. The installation process is quite easy as it only requires you to mount it on the wall, thus saving space. The interface is user-friendly, and the peer stats can keep you motivated in your fitness journey and help you achieve your goals.

    NordicTrack VAULT Fitness Mirror

    Working out at home might not seem cool, but the NordicTrack VAULT Fitness Mirror has raised the bar. The NordicTrack VAULT Fitness Mirror is 60 inches in size, out of which 32 inches of the glass has an HD touchscreen feature. The carbon steel package is quite compact and can store equipment easily. The VAULT Fitness Mirror costs $2,999 and includes the basic gym equipment needed for your workout. The basic equipment includes yoga blocks, yoga mat, resistance fitness bands, dumbbells of varying weight, and two kettlebells, each of 20 and 30 pounds. Even though there is a wide range of equipment, it can fit easily in the Vault Fitness Mirror storage space. Vault Mirror has speakers built-in the design, and unlike their competitors, they do not use a Camera. The VAULT Fitness mirror can access the training sessions by iFit as the NordicTrack provides a complimentary annual membership when you purchase it. 

    ProForm Vue Fitness Mirror

    The ProForm’s Vue fitness mirrors are 22 inches in size and have a cabinet to store dumbbells and other gym equipment.  The basic equipment is included when you purchase the mirror. The trainers in the ProForm Vue Fitness mirror are from iFit. ProForm’s Vue Fitness Mirror includes two speakers and can also connect to your earbuds. The dumbbells weigh around 5 pounds, and you can easily store them at the mirror’s rear end. The 10-pound dumbbell is also available to increase weight while training and can engage in a power workout. You can easily do squats, curls, and deadlifts. You can also adjust the Vue Mirror with different angles suited for the lighting and the contrast. The mirror’s storage unit is a plus point for compact space to store the basic workout equipment. The brand also offers a one-year membership for iFit personal trainers to help you reach your daily goals. 


    Since working out at home has been the only option throughout the pandemic, having a high-tech workout mirror has never been more essential. Most of them are easy to install or have installation included with the mirror’s purchase, which is a huge plus. It is also something the whole family can enjoy. These mirrors are worth their value with their features and will push you to get the body you desire.