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Warning Signs Your Liver May Be Damaged

    Did you know that the liver is one of the most important organs in the body? The liver performs many vital functions, including detoxifying the blood, storing energy, and helping to digest food. It also produces bile, which helps to break down fat. If the liver becomes damaged, it can’t do its job properly, which can lead to a number of health problems. However, it can be difficult to know if your liver isn’t working correctly. So to help with that this article will give you some signs to look for that could mean your liver is damaged.

    Abdominal Pain

    If your liver isn’t working properly, it can cause a person to experience abdominal pain. This is because the liver plays an important role in cleansing and processing the blood. Also, supporting other organs in the digestive system so they’re able to work correctly. Without a healthy liver, waste products can build up in your body, which will lead to stomach cramps and pain, especially if the waste products cannot be removed.

    Yellowish Skin or Eyes

    When the liver doesn’t work as it should, a person’s skin and the whites of their eyes may start to look yellow. This is because a damaged liver can’t produce enough protein. Which gives blood its red color. When the body lacks a certain protein, a chemical called bilirubin builds up in the blood. Bilirubin is the chemical that gives bile its yellow color. So when bilirubin builds up in the blood, a person’s skin and eyes may look yellow.

    Bruising Easily

    If a person’s liver isn’t working properly, it may result in bruising and bleeding. Hemorrhaging is when a person bleeds for a long period of time from one particular wound. While hematomas are blood pools that develop under the skin because of internal bleeding. Either way, this happens because when your liver is damaged there aren’t enough proteins in the blood. Which normally helps clot blood and prevent bleeding.

    Unexplained Weight Loss

    Weight loss can be a sign that your liver isn’t working properly because when this organ isn’t functioning correctly it will affect the digestive system since the liver plays an important role in breaking down fat. This means that when your body breaks down fat, it takes energy from other sources. As a result, the body will not be able to function as well because it doesn’t have enough energy, which can lead to fatigue.

    Increased Itching Sensation

    Many people think that itching only happens when you’re bitten by bugs or come into contact with poison ivy. However, you can experience itching for other reasons as well. One of those reasons could be that your liver isn’t able to process toxins from the body. When there are too many toxins in a person’s system, their skin may start to itch.

    Increased Frequency Of Urination

    The liver also plays an important role in regulating fluids, including urine production. If your liver isn’t working properly, it can lead to frequent urination. This is because this organ helps regulate water balance in the body. This is why when there are too many toxins in a person’s system, they may have to urinate more often than normal. Just to empty their bladder more frequently of toxins that should have been filtered out by their liver.


    One of the most common signs that you’re experiencing liver damage is having a headache. This is because when the liver isn’t functioning properly, it may result in migraines due to poor blood flow and pressure around the eyes. While some people experience mild headaches, like when they don’t get enough sleep or feel excessive stress, others can experience severe headaches that can be debilitating.


    There are many symptoms that can indicate you’re experiencing liver damage, and one of the most common is fatigue and weakness. This happens because when there are too many toxins in a person’s system, they may become tired more quickly than usual or experience unusual tiredness. At other times, this could be because your body doesn’t have enough energy to keep you moving.


    If a person has liver damage, they may start to vomit or have a feeling of nausea a lot of the time. This is because your liver plays an important role in digesting food and absorbing nutrients from it. When it isn’t doing its job effectively, food can build up in the stomach and intestines, which will often lead to a person feeling sick or vomiting.

    Swelling in Your Abdomen

    Swelling in your abdomen can be a sign that something is wrong with your liver. This is because when this organ isn’t working correctly it prevents the body from absorbing nutrients effectively. This could lead to swelling in certain areas of the body. Including the upper right part of the abdomen (this is where your liver is located). Swelling in this area can also cause a person to feel full quickly after eating. Especially if they eat fatty foods.

    Dark Urine

    When your liver isn’t working properly, it can turn your urine dark in color. This happens because toxins build up in the body and get released through the kidneys by way of urine (which is why you may have to urinate more frequently, as well). Depending on the severity of your liver damage, your urine might be light brown or even very dark in color. In some cases, it can look like black tea.


    Knowing the signs someone may go through if they have liver damage can help you remain aware of your body’s condition. If you’re experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned above, it doesn’t necessarily mean your liver is damaged. These signs could also indicate other health problems or issues that are causing these symptoms to occur. However, if you notice that you’re experiencing a combination of any of these symptoms or any one particular symptom severely, you should see your doctor immediately.