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Never Put These Materials In Your Microwave

    The microwave is one of the most valuable appliances in your kitchen. They’re used to heat food, cook, and even melt the cheese. However, microwaves are very dangerous, and they’re even more dangerous when used in the wrong way. Many plastics are not safe in a microwave oven and many other household items. The possible reasons for this are numerous. 

    Aluminum Foil

    Microwaving aluminum foil for too long is dangerous and makes it unusable. In addition, the aluminum in the foil starts to combine with the air molecules in the plastic packaging, and this can cause serious health problems. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has officially stated that aluminum foil is not safe in the microwave. More than forty studies have shown that aluminum is a known cancer-causing agent in humans and animals. However, many people are unaware that using aluminum foil in the microwave is not good. Aluminum foil tends to get very hot when placed in the microwave oven. It can cause the glass to break and the oven to catch fire. 

    Paper Bags

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) reports that microwaving paper products may cause problems, including melting paper fibers, melting plasticizers, and paper products releasing toxic chemicals. Paper bags are not microwave safe because the paper fibers absorb water. They are coated in polyethylene (PE), a plastic not approved for microwave use. PE is a highly flexible plastic used to make bags and produce polystyrene or polyethylene foam. It also means that when the paper bag gets hot, it can expand, making it burst.

    Plastic Containers

    Microwaving food in plastic containers can be desirable, easy, quick, and very convenient. Unfortunately, plastic isn’t the best material for food storage in the microwave oven. Microwave heating plastic containers can produce potentially dangerous chemicals inhaled and absorbed by the food inside. For example, when you place a plastic container in the microwave, the plastic container begins to melt. It is not cool, and the result is you end up with a very smelly and possibly toxic mess inside the plastic container.

    Travel Mugs

    Many people carry their travel mugs with them everywhere. It is an excellent sentiment to carry a travel mug when traveling, but you should never use it in a microwave as it can threaten your health. There are many reasons not to use a travel mug in the microwave. The first reason is that the mug cannot withstand the high temperatures in a microwave oven, which can cause the plastic to melt and eventually break. In addition, the heat can cause the glass of the travel mug to break. Secondly, if you put a lidded travel mug in a microwave oven, the steam from the cup will condense onto the inside of the microwave, and it will start to burn. Finally, it can cause a fire within the microwave.

    Chinese Takeout Boxes

    Every time you run the microwave, you have a chance of throwing away your health. There are several reasons that Chinese takeout boxes are not used in the microwave. First, microwave ovens use radio frequency (RF) radiation to heat food, which can cause changes in the chemistry of the food. Food that has been heated in the microwave for a long time is more likely to emit radiation than food cooked in a conventional oven. Second, Chinese takeout containers are lined with flammable plastic; there is a fire risk if you microwave those containers. Also, since the containers are lined with plastic and do not have a wetting agent, the plastic could melt and ignite.

    Cookware With Metal

    Cooking in a microwave is convenient to heat food, but not many people know that metal cookware can cause health problems. Cookware with metal on the outside is not recommended in microwaves because of the heat produced inside the oven. You may have heard that specific cookware with metal in them may harm your microwave ovens and cause them to explode because of the high energy radiated from a microwave oven. If the energy from the microwave oven is not concentrated enough, the metal might conduct the energy back to the microwave oven. The radiation can cause the metal to melt or even explode.


    A microwave is an outstanding appliance, but it can explode and cause severe injuries if misused. Never put the materials mentioned above in the microwave to avoid dangerous events from happening. Not only can some of these materials cause an explosion, but they can also create toxins in the food you consume after heating it in the microwave.