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Mistakes That Will Slow Your Weight Loss

    Losing weight is a cumbersome task for many people. Even after eating wisely and opting for a healthy routine, one may not lose weight quickly. A lot of misconceptions come alongside the weight loss journey. You may be following the wrong advice that might slow down weight loss. Let us discuss some common mistakes that slow down the weight loss process.

    The Weighing Scale Is Not The Only Measure Of Success

    It is natural to compare the change in weight through the weighing scale. However, at times the scale shows no change at all even after following a healthy regime.  You must understand that the weighing scale is not the only measure to compare the weight. Your weight might fluctuate due to several reasons like your water intake, the kind of food you eat, hormonal changes, or even gaining muscle mass while you exercise regularly. Your body might have a water retention tendency that shows no difference on the scale. It would help if you focused on inch loss simultaneously. That will help you measure the change in your body. You may measure your waist monthly and see if you are losing inches, even if the weighing scale shows no change.

    What You Need Is A Calorie Deficit

    What you need for weight loss is a calorie deficit. It means that there must be a gap between what you eat and what you burn out. Generally, a deficiency of 3,500 calories leads to about half a kg of fat loss, but it varies from person to person. You must calculate the calories that you burn through the daily workout plan and plan the meal accordingly. The foods that you consume need to be healthy and balanced. They must provide for the daily calorie intake. You must also have portion control. A low-calorie intake than required may lead to fatigue and lower metabolism.

    Exercise In Moderation

    When you begin the weight loss journey, you will lose muscle mass and fat, but exercise is crucial to support this journey. No training and only a restricted diet may lead to a decreased metabolic rate. Exercising regularly will help in more significant fat loss, build immunity, and improve metabolism. But over-exercising also creates a problem. It may create stress, disturb the hormones, and is never a sustainable strategy. 

    Saying No To Lifting Weights

    Strength and resistance training is excellent for weight loss. Lifting weights are the best for muscle strength and improved metabolic rate. It helps in fat loss quickly. It also enhances the metabolic rate that promotes fat loss.

    Choosing Processed Foods

    You may opt for processed foods that are termed diet foods these days. They are considered healthy but may have a negative effect. A lot of these products have added sugar for a better taste. It indirectly leads to weight gain. The low fat or so-called diet foods also do not provide a balanced meal, so you feel hungry soon. It would help if you opted for healthy options like fruits and vegetables that provide the desired nutrients.

    Not Consuming Enough Protein

    Consuming protein is necessary when you are trying to lose weight. Consuming the desired amount of protein helps reduce appetite, give a feeling of fullness, enhance the metabolic rate, and assist in gaining muscles. You must consume rich protein sources like dairy products, meat, eggs, legumes, beans, quinoa, and flaxseeds.

    Not Eating A Fiber-Rich Diet

    If your daily diet does not have enough fiber, then it may obstruct the weight loss process. Fiber helps to reduce your appetite and improve digestion. Eating fiber makes you feel full and helps in the weight loss journey. 

    Eating A Lot Of Fat 

    A lot of people follow the Keto diet that allows you to eat a lot of fat. It may work out for some people but cannot be a sustainable option. Eating a balanced diet is a must if you wish to lose weight organically.  

    Drinking Beverages With Added Sugar

    It is a well-known fact that soft drinks or similar drinks are bad for health. When on a weight loss journey, people tend to cut down the intake of such beverages, but consuming fruit juice may also not always be a good option. Packed fruit juice also has added sugar that may cause health problems like obesity, heart diseases, or high blood pressure.  You must opt for eating raw fruit instead of consuming juices.


    Eating ultra-processed foods slows down the weight loss process as you tend to eat more and not feel complete. Eating whole foods is a healthier option as they provide for the desired amount of calories. Always focus on creating a calorie deficit, be picky in eating, and always go for portion control. Stay fit and eat healthily!