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How Humidity Affects Your Skin

    The humidity in the air can affect our hair, and you might have noticed it many times. Too high or low humidity can have even more effects on your skin. Your skin is around your whole body, so if anything happens to it, it can cause problems. There are many skin problems that you can face because of the humidity. You might not notice that something is wrong with your skin, but you might see issues over time.

    How Does Low Humidity Affect The Skin?

    Our skin does very well in places that are not too dry and not too humid either. Extreme weather can be terrible for anyone, but if you live in a place like Arizona that is very dry, then you might get dehydrated very easily. Your epidermis starts to dry up because of the heat, and your skin will become dry and scaly. You might get itchy quite often if your skin is dry. The skin drying up like that can speed up your aging process, and looking good can be an issue. If you suffer from eczema, then you might suffer from the flare-up more frequently. To prevent the problems of your skin drying up in the dry heat, you can use a moisturizer to keep your skin moisturized. Make sure that the one you use is of good quality, and look for one with an SPF of 30 at least so you can be safe from the rays of the sun.

    How Does High Humidity Affect Your Skin?

    High humidity is awful for your skin because you start to sweat too much. Even though sweating is significant and useful to keep your body cool, there are other issues that you could face because of this. If your skin is prone to acne, you might see that you get breakouts very easily. If you suffer from oily skin, your condition will worsen as your pores will start getting clogged. Dermatologists recommend that you use exfoliating agents in such times because this can help remove all the dead skin and unclog your pores enabling you to have fresh, healthy skin. Too much heat and humidity could cause anhidrosis in this moisture to get trapped under the skin, and you could get heat rashes, blisters, or bumps.

    What Should You Do If You Live In Such Extreme Climates?

    If you know your skin type, that is a good place for you to start, as then you can understand how heat and humidity affect your skin. In arid climates having a good moisturizer can be very useful, and it is what you need. If it is freezing, use gloves outside to keep your hands away from the cold and dry wind. Avoid having a bath in water that is very hot because that will cause your skin to dry out even more. Try to use water that is cold or lukewarm. In more humid climates, you must have the proper cleansers to clean your skin and pores. No matter where you live, see that you use a good sunscreen that has at least an SPF of 30, as this can keep your skin healthy and save you from the harmful rays of the skin.

    What Is The Ideal Humidity For The Skin?

    The proper humidity of everyone can vary a lot depending on who they are. Usually, the humidity should be around 30 to 50 percent. You can buy a humidifier or a dehumidifier to keep our house the way you want it. You can keep the many sensors to measure the level of humidity in the air in different rooms and areas around your house. A device like the Thermo pro-TP-65 has a big four-inch display, which you can use to adjust the humidity. There is also a backlight so you can use it even when there isn’t much light around. If you use a device like this and follow all the steps to take care of your skin, you can avoid any skin issues you might face later on. You can also use this device to find out what the humidity is outside, and by using this, you can decide if you want to go out or not. 


    As mentioned above, make sure that you know if your skin is dry or oily because you can use that to figure out what products you need to use to take care of your skin. Doing so will also help you understand if the place that you live in is bad for your skin or not. Using a device like the Thermo pro is beneficial because you can adjust the humidity in your home. Even if you are not sure about the humidity in the area you live in, you must make sure that your skin is good and take care of it. Eventually, you will feel and look much better if you do so.