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Healthiest To Least Healthy Caffeinated Drinks

    Yes, some energy drinks are healthy, don’t increase weight, and are healthy for your heart. You might be familiar with brands such as Rockstar, Red Bull, and Monster. But apart from these brands, there are some more great energy drinks available. Energy drinks are a significant part of most of the populations’ life. But the fact is that you should consume them at a moderate rate; otherwise, they could be harmful to your health. It is because some of these drinks contain a higher amount of added sugars and caffeine. But some energy drinks are healthy because they contain no added sugar or a little sugar and only have the required amount of caffeine. 

    You might know that a bit of caffeine can be very good for you, but excess of it can cause you health issues. Here we will discuss some healthy and unhealthy energy drinks and how you can decide whether it is good for you or not. They are “healthy” energy drinks but remember that they are not healthy for you; they are less harmful.

    Bai Bubbles Sparkling Antioxidant Infusion

    These drinks by Bai do not contain artificial sweeteners and have only five calories and one gram of sugar. It is available in different flavors, and your taste buds would love these enticing bubbles. It is enriched with the goodness of fruits and is quite healthy for you. You can find flavors like Jamaica blood orange, Bolivia black cherry, grapefruit, blackberry lime, pineapple, etc. It contains only 45 mg of caffeine, and its refreshing flavor makes it an excellent mixer for cocktails with less sugar.

    Hiball Energy Drink

    Hiball sparkling energy water has the refreshment of sparkling water and gives you lasting energy using natural ingredients. It contains organic caffeine, the natural flavor of fruits, organic guarana extract, ginseng, and vitamin B while having no added sugar, sodium, and fat. These ingredients make it tasty and also a thirst-quenching energy drink. If you are a keto diet follower, then for sure you will enjoy this drink. Vitamin B composition in this drink helps in reducing weakness and fatigue. It is a good choice in terms of an energy drink, but you must remember that it contains 160 mg of caffeine and herbs, but yes, you can rest assured because it is organic caffeine.

    Super Fuel Natural Energy+ Recovery Drink

    Eboost super fuel energy drink is a Keto-friendly, non-GMO, and super delicious energy drink. It contains a combination of a healthy amount of caffeine and essential minerals and vitamins. You won’t find any added flavor, sweeteners, or colors in it like other energy drinks. The ingredients are good enough to keep you hydrated and keep going. It is one of the most awarded energy drinks, the title best low sugar drink of 2021, and the best new energy drink of 2021. It also contains three nootropics that help in cognitive function. So if you’re looking for a healthy drink that can provide you with health benefits, then yes, you can go for this drink undoubtedly.

    Nuun Energy Tablets

    Nuun energy tablets come in the form of a tablet that you mix in water to create your drink.  The sugar in this drink is similar to your bloodstream glucose; therefore, the added sugar is negligible and good for your health. It also contains essential vitamins, stevia leaf extract, organic beet powder, and ginseng extract for caffeine. The amount of caffeine included in this drink is healthy for your body. It contains 100mg sodium, 15 calories, and 4g carbs. It is one of the safest energy drinks and a healthy option too.

    List Of Least Healthy Caffeinated Drinks

    Red Bull

    Red Bull ranks among the most popular energy drink brands across the globe. The sugar-free variety of Red Bull contains no added sugars and only 80 mg of caffeine. If you love Red Bull and want to opt for a healthy version, then, of course, try the sugar-free version. But it is not recommended as it contains added sweeteners which can be carcinogenic and is not good for your health. In addition, the red bull energy drink has lots of added sugar which is the root cause of depression and heart problems.

    MTN Dew Rise Energy

    This energy drink claims to contain 5% of grape juice, but the reality is that it is among the unhealthiest drinks. Though low in sugar, it contains artificial sweeteners, white grape juice concentrate, and artificial colors. All these ingredients make it an unhealthy drink for consumption. Though it supports the immune system and gives you a good boost in the morning, this energy drink is not healthy for you.


    Rockstar contains a high amount of caffeine which is not good for your health. The sugar present in it can be responsible for altering and increasing your body’s blood sugar levels. This string causes anxiety, and if mixed with alcohol, it can cause alcohol intoxication too. Rockstar energy drinks are not good for your health and have serious side effects, even leading to death. Some of the other symptoms resulting from the consumption of Rockstar drinks are insomnia, vertigo, headache, etc.

    Monster Energy

    Monster energy drinks contain 41 mg sodium, 23g sugar, and 101 calories. The sugar content in this drink is not healthy for you. Excessive consumption of this energy drink can cause heart-related problems, headaches, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

    Side Effects Of Energy Drinks

    Energy drinks contain ingredients that boost your energy. But in reality, if you consume these energy drinks regularly, it can cause you severe health issues. The marked side effects are dehydration, insomnia, restlessness, heart palpitations, increased heart rate, high blood pressure, headache, fatigue, irritability, anxiety tremors, etc. It is very popular among adults to buy and consume energy drinks, but excess consumption can cause various severe ailments. Though many brands claim to be safe and healthy, the reality is that all of them contain hidden ingredients that boost energy and bring many health issues with that. In addition, many drinkers have the habit of mixing energy drinks with alcohol. Researchers have discovered that this can result in intoxication and can cause severe brain damage too.


    Those as mentioned above were just a few energy drinks that are healthy and unhealthy. There are lots of energy drinks available in the market which claim to be healthy, but you must know how to check whether an energy drink is suitable for you or not. To find a healthy energy drink, you must always check the sugar content in it. The next ingredient that you must check is caffeine. According to the FDA, 400 mg is the ideal content of caffeine intake per day. A high amount of caffeine can result in cardiovascular issues and headaches, insomnia and anxiety, etc. So your energy drink should always contain only the required amount of caffeine. A healthier energy drink always contains a sensible amount of vitamin B and amino acids.