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Don’t Put These Foods In Your Microwave

    Microwaves are a very useful appliance. People mostly use them to warm, cook and reheat food items and beverages. But while you warm up a cup of tea or reheat the cooked food, there are always some trigger points that need to be kept in mind. You must never put some items in the microwave. We have all heard that some wraps and containers are not microwave safe and may cause a spark, fire, release harmful toxins, and even melt. But certain food items must never be microwaved because it may lead to severe health conditions, a spark in the microwave, or an explosion. Here are some foods that you must never microwave.

    Whole Eggs

    Microwaving whole eggs may cause an explosion. Yes! You heard it right. Hard-boiled eggs may explode when put in a microwave. The explosion will happen once you take the egg out of the microwave. So it may happen on the plate or even in the mouth. It happens due to the pressure created by steam that builds up in the egg.

    Processed Meats

    Processed meats contain numerous preservatives and chemicals. They react quickly when microwaved. Cooking and reheating processed meat contributes to the amount of cholesterol oxidation products it produces. Excess of it may lead to arterial cells damage and cause heart diseases. Putting processed meat in a microwave leads to a higher release of COPs that are bad for health.

    Hot Peppers

    Putting hot pepper veggies in a microwave will cause smoke to come out of these veggies and set them on fire. It leads to excess release of the chemical called capsaicin, which can cause an eye sting and a throat burn when released in the air.

    Red Pasta Sauce

    It is a very common practice to reheat a bowl of pasta for a quick munch. But you may observe that the red sauce splatters around the surface of the microwave. It is because the consistency of the sauce is thick, and the particles involved cannot find the space to move.  The steam builds pressure, and the sauce erupts and splatters.


    Even though the composition of grapes is mostly water, they can ignite if you place them in the microwave. They may explode and cause an eruption of hot plasma. Even raisins tend to cause smoke when microwaved. Since they contain a lot of sugar, it melts to create smoke.

    Frozen Meat

    Using a microwave to heat frozen meat is a quick process, but due to irregular heat distribution in a microwave, some parts may overcook, and the others might remain frozen. In addition, bacteria can grow if the meat is left cold, leading to foodborne diseases.

    Breast Milk

    It is common to freeze the breast milk and warm it when the baby needs to be fed. It is a convenient option that saves time, and the baby can get nutritious breast milk even if you are away. Even though it’s quicker, a microwave will heat the breast milk unevenly. It may cause hot spots that may injure the baby’s mouth. As per the FDA recommendations, you must thaw breast milk under hot water or in a pan on the stove. You must keep shaking the bottle and test it on the backside of your hand before feeding the baby.


    Yes! It would help if you never put the carrots in the microwave. Carrots usually contain certain minerals that act like tiny pieces of metal and may cause an arcing effect. It leads to producing sparks inside the microwave. The same is the case with hot dogs. While heating the hot dogs, sparks may occur due to uneven mixing of additives or salt. It would help if you immediately switched off the microwave to prevent further damage.

    Plain Water

    You must also be careful if you are microwaving water. At times superheating may occur, and the temperature may rise much more than the boiling point. It may cause the spilling of boiling water that may lead to serious injuries and burns.


    Even though the microwave is a fantastic invention due to quick heating times, some things can be dangerous if you microwave them. Be careful next time you decide to use the microwave! Considering the harm that may be caused while putting certain food items in the microwave, you must always take necessary precautions and be sure of safe food items that you can microwave.