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Foods You Think Are Healthy But Are Not

    Well, if that is the case, let’s get your facts cleared. Every product in the market is glamorized and influenced by ads or social media. Which try to portray only the good side while hiding most of the information by providing room for interpretation of what the written ingredient means, e.g., “all-natural.”

    However, do not forget that these snacks are prepared by yourself with healthy ingredients.

    Multigrain Bread

     Many people prefer multigrain bread over white bread as it has more nutrients and carbohydrates.

    Fact: high level of carcinogenic chemical additives is added to bread,

    Causing diabetes, cancer, and thyroid.

    Tip: While purchasing, look for “100%whole wheat” written on the packet. 


     Don’t eat flavored yogurt as they contain merely sugar in the name of actual fruits.

      If you are fond of its high probiotic content, you may have plain low-fat yogurt.

    Dried Fruit

     It lacks water-soluble nutrients and can gain weight as we overeat. Also, preservatives added for their long shelf-life make it more sugary. Therefore, it’s better to eat whole fruits like apples, grapes, etc.


      Do you like orange juice? Well, all it has is 100% sugar, no vitamins. So why not prefer eating a fibrous orange and getting a good amount of vitamin-enriched pure taste and not just sugar.

    Veggie Burgers

    These are ultra-processed foods with a high amount of sodium, causing high blood pressure. In addition, most burgers have more oil and fewer veggies.

    Tip: You may choose legumes with seeds and whole grains, like brown rice and quinoa.

    Instant Noodles

    Let me make you cautious about the increasing risk of getting prone to obesity, metabolic syndrome, heart disease, stroke, or diabetes. Noodles contain Ajinomoto (amino acid), which causes insomnia, infertility, hypertension, etc.

    Tip: Avoid eating instant noodles. You may prefer quinoa noodles or bajra noodles.

    Veggie Chips

     Just as the name suggests, it doesn’t mean they are not fried like your potato chips. Most nutrients are removed when you cook or fry the veggies. If possible, you should eat it raw or bake it by yourself.

    Salad Dressing 

     Salad dressing ingredients with high saturated fat like blue cheese and salted butter can cause high cholesterol; try making your healthy salad dressing, so you know what to avoid.

    Energy Bars

    Every bar you get on the market has sugar, calories, and fat content. Some can have a layer with different flavors like chocolate, strawberry. Carefully read what ingredients are mentioned on the package. Try searching for nuts, honey which have a good amount of calories. 

    Energy Drinks

    A large amount of caffeine in soft drinks may increase your heart rate and blood vessel problems. Products are classified as dietary supplements and beverages; however, they don’t label the amount of caffeine used.

    Nut Butter 

    Don’t be misled by the package labeled natural butter; some added sugar increases your cholesterol, so be aware to buy the package, which has only nuts as an ingredient.


     Suppose you like yogurt with sprinkled granola or granola bars. First, let me tell you that almost all granola products are full of sugar and fat, and it indeed has many healthy ingredients in it too, but those ingredients have a layer of sweeteners like honey, corn syrup, or sugar.

    Tip: make your granola with limited quantities of sweetener and oil.

    Anything Sugar-Free

    Your health might deteriorate while consuming an excess amount of artificial sweetener, causing you cancer, but sugar extracted naturally from plants like agave can be your savior while sugar cravings. 

    Food Lovers Who Can’t Resist Eating Try Making This Homemade Healthy Food

      • Sugar lovers may include dark chocolate in their diet.
      • For a healthy, happy heart, eat baked fish.
      • Kiwi fruit smoothie to boost your energy
      • Ragi cookies can be an excellent protein-rich diet
      • Sprouts can be a good source of vitamins and minerals.
    • Eat fruits.


    The motto of a healthy and happier life -” eat lightly, breathe deeply” Eating a healthy diet helps your body protect against malnutrition and non-communicable diseases like cholesterol, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease. Try eating less processed fatty food and more vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed food.