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Causes Of Subluxation

    Many reasons cause subluxation. Treating it is one of the biggest challenges for medical science. Chiropractic alternative medicine does help in rejuvenating the spine and musculoskeletal system. But what exactly is subluxation, and why does it happen? In general terms, subluxation is a misalignment of human vertebrae. It can occur at any age, and the main reason is a wrong vertebrae posture. The problem can occur in varying degrees due to injury or predisposition of the spinal cord. 

    What Is Subluxation?

    Subluxation is a disorder of the spine occurring due to misalignment of the spine; it causes defects in the physiological function of the nervous system since the spinal cord is affected. The subluxation causes a lot of pain due to excessive pressure on the spinal nerves. If subluxation is left untreated, it can lead to a degenerative process and make it difficult to realign the spine.

    To understand subluxation, you have to look into the movable joints in a human body. These joints are known as synovial joints. These joints consist of structures that allow joint movement reducing stress and friction. Synovial joints are injured due to strain, dislocation, sprain, or arthritis causing subluxation.

    Common Symptoms

    The most common symptom of subluxation includes stiffness with joint pain. Other common symptoms include general malaise, drop in energy, dizziness, stiffness, or soreness in the back and neck.

    Earlier subluxation was diagnosed as pinched nerves. Chiropractic treatments with advanced medical techniques now interpret subluxation. Research also shows symptoms such as contrast headache, spine muscle spasm, and lowering in the mobility of joints account for subluxation.

    Causes Of Subluxation

    A subluxation can occur at any age. It appears when there is a misalignment of joints. The primary cause of subluxation is toxins, trauma, and, more interestingly, your thoughts. However, other common causes also account for subluxation. Some of the common causes of subluxation account for the wrong posture. Some are due to day-to-day functioning, and you can cure by correcting your posture.

    • Driving For Long Hours

    Even if you think your car has a comfortable seat, it is still never the best. People who drive long distances every day suffer from subluxation of the spine. The driving position causes stress in your back, shifting the spine from its natural place. Prolonged stress to the spine will cause pain and damage to your spinal discs. A better option is to take frequent breaks and stretch your spine during long drives.

    • Working On A Computer

    Working for long hours renders our body in a static position. It mostly happens with people working on computers or involved in sedentary desk jobs. Subluxation is familiar with people working in the IT industry or having clerical jobs. If you prolong the problem, it may become complex with posture issues.

    • Wrong Sleeping Posture

    It happens very commonly to wake up with a stiff back or neck in the morning. Sometimes it can also be a stiff shoulder or a sore lower back. It happens when we sleep in the wrong posture. A subluxation can occur if we sleep in an awkward posture causing undue strain on our vertebrae. It commonly happens with people who are excessively drunk or tired.

    • Doing Heavy Work

    If you have been lifting weights or doing heavy work with a bent body, the chance is of a back ace. Household work like mowing a lawn involving pulling and pushing can stress your spine. 

    • Carrying A Wallet In Your Back Pocket

    Carrying weight on one side causes misalignment in your spine. Even the slight weight of a purse or wallet is enough to cause subluxation. In addition, subluxation may also occur by carrying bags or laptops on one side of your shoulder.

    • Trauma

    Accidents or any severe injury can cause subluxation of your spine. One of the leading causes of a subluxation is trauma. In addition, it is also from micro-traumas that our bodies experience daily. In some cases, it occurs to both child and mother during childbirth.  

    • Toxins

    Our bodies deal with numerous toxins every day. These chemicals enter our body with food in the form of preservatives and pesticides and affect our muscles and nervous system, which causes subluxation.

    • Thoughts

    Your thoughts and emotions have a direct impact on your mind and body. A stressful sense releases more chemicals in your brain and body, which is also a significant reason for subluxation.

    How To Cure Subluxation?   

    The most practical thing to do is to see a chiropractor if you are suffering from subluxation. If it is not a severe issue, you can try stretching exercises and improve your posture. In addition, monitoring your sleep and using ice packs also help.

    Medical experts also recommend simple modifications in your lifestyle habits. Keeping your body hydrated and regular exercise helps. Meditation and yoga also help in creating emotional balance and de-stressing yourself. 


    Subluxation is a common condition in the chiropractor world. It is a condition when your joints do not work as they are designed to work. More often, the situation is a result of incorrect posture and lifestyle. In some cases, trauma and your emotions can be the culprit. If you have a worrying condition due to subluxation, we recommend chiropractic care.