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Fitness Video Games To Help Get Active

    Video games aren’t real games, and they do not help you or your physique in any way! Well, you will no longer have to hear such statements. Outdoor sports are a bit of a risk for some, so what can you do to keep fit while also enjoying the sports feeling. The answer is video games.  

    The most common reason given by parents and elders against video games is that they do not help a child or person in any way. Active outdoor sports keep the child fit and healthy. But what if you could have a video game that can help you burn the calories and make you sweat. Due to technology, we now have video games that are super fun to play and keep away from your chair and require you to move around a small space. 

    Top 9 Video Games That Make You Fit And Active


    Supershot VR

    This game is super fun and easy. If you focus on all the tricks thrown in the gameplay, this game will ensure it gives you a serious workout while sweating profusely. This game is so good that it has won multiple gaming awards, including VR, the top gaming award.

    The gameplay is pretty simple to understand; however, the levels are pretty tough. The idea is to defeat many enemies while you are outgunning the game to increase the difficulty does not provide extra ammo. You can pick up the guns of your fallen enemies. There are various modes available for gameplay, and there is one that requires headshots, only another one where you have to avoid using guns and use physical force. 

    Just Dance

    If you are a dance lover, this game is perfect for you. This game has been around for quite a while and has slowly shaped into something close to perfection. Earlier, just dance was available exclusively for the Wii; however, the tracking wasn’t perfect during this time due to limitations with the system; this game has gotten immensely better over the years. 

    The amount of dance forms and songs supported by the game has been truly tremendous in its ten years of existence. If you have a couple of bucks to spare, you might want to subscribe to the Just Dance Unlimited service to enjoy over 500 dance activities. Whether you are a solo user or at a party, just dance is the perfect choice to bring the much-needed funk.

    Pokemon Go

    This game has no direct relation to fitness; however, it does keep you active. You may have heard about the game around the summer of 2016 to say that it was a massive phenomenon that would be an insult. No word can accurately describe the enormous spread that this game experienced in 2016. The best part about this game was that it appealed to hardcore gamers and casual fans. Some players cheated by driving cars and bikes, but the rest did use this game as an excuse to get some movement.

    Wii Fit

    The game consisted of a large balance board which was a giant plastic mat. To play the game, one had to step on the board and perform yoga-like moves due to the crazy demand for Wii, this game sold like crazy.

    This game does provide you with valuable stretches and a better lifestyle. However, it is not that fun to play. If that does not bother you, this game is definitely worth the try.

    Brain Age

    Physical fitness is not everything your mind needs equal if not more amount of exercise, and so the five picks in this list is a game that helps you exercise your brain. Brain Age is a game that does not provide any workout to the body, but it does provide enough training for your brain. 

    A strong body and a strong mind is a deadly combination. Although this series is still exclusive to the DS, a new one is in progress for the Switch. So give some rest to your body muscles and stir up those brain cells to win this game. 

    Beat Saber

    You might have seen this game being played on social media a lot. Beat saber is way too similar to the game Guitar Hero and Just Dance. This game is an intuitive and virtual reality game where the players need to pay close attention to the beats to use horizontal sabers to cut the blocks coming your way in half. 

    It might sound pretty doable, but you will get a run for your money once you start to play. Players need to pay very close attention to play well.  You can set the mode to single-player or multiplayer according to your choice.


    It’s a Japanese video game series of boxing by Nintendo developed in 1987. In this game, you are Little Mac, who is the rising star voter in the game. The goal is to make your way up through the ranks of the boxing circuit with increasing degrees of difficulty. It’s not an exhausting, full-body workout, but some good aerobic exercise.

    Dance Dance Revolution

    This video game is one of the best dancing games originated in 1998. It is a music video game series that Konami produced. This game is straightforward, and the player has to stand on the dance platform and hit the colored arrows laid out in a cross with their feet to the musical and visual cues. If they receive a passing score, they can go to the next level and select more music to play.

    The game lacked radio hits that people would recognize, but the mix of electric tunes from Japan and other countries got the body working. This game popularised the use of video games as a medium for fitness and exercise.

    Wii Sports 

    This game was developed and published by Nintendo in 2006. The game comprises five sports, including tennis, baseball, bowling, golf, and boxing.

    The players use Wii remotes to mimic the actions performed in real-life sports. This game features the training and fitness modes that monitor players’ progress in sports.


    There you have the top nine video games that provide you with the fun associated with virtual games and keep you active and fit and off of those comfy chairs. These games will not only keep the users entertained but the people who are watching as well. Many of these games will help keep you active on the days at home and provide a fun workout environment.



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