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Best Ab Workouts With A Stability Ball

    Your core is the powerhouse of every muscle present in your body. It provides robustness and firmness for every work you do, whether exercising in the gym or dancing in the disco.  All you need to do is get hold of a stability ball and perform the following exercises. Remember that you have to focus on engaging your core during these exercises and not just suck in your belly. 

    Stability Ball Dead Bug


    1. Lie horizontally on the ground with your hands stretched up straight towards the sky and your legs bent at right angles. Hold the gym ball between your knees and hands. With this position, you have to start the exercise. 
    2. Now, keep the ball in its position between your left knee and right hand. With the support of your core, slowly start lowering your left arm with your right leg in six inches of the floor. Remember to keep your arm and leg in line with your body. Do not force your body. Reach the most diminutive height as comfortably as you can with your lower back sticking to the floor. 
    3. Return to the starting position now and start the exercise again with your left hand and right knee. Keep switching the sides, with equal repetitions on both sides. 

    Stability Ball Jackknife


    1. To start with this exercise, firstly, you have to get in a high-plank posture. Do it with your feet on top of the stability ball and your hands directly beneath your shoulders. 
    2. With your core support, try to keep your body in a straight line from top to bottom. With this posture, you will begin the exercise. 
    3. Compress your core and fold your knees to rotate the ball in the direction of your hands. You should do it only till your toes are on the ball. Do it with your hips down while doing the exercise. 
    4. Now, wait for some time and then return to the starting posture. 

    Stability Ball Wall Squat


    1. Stand straight with your legs apart at a feet-hip length. Do it with the ball between the wall and the middle of the back. Place your feet slightly towards the front of your body. It is your position to begin. 
    2. Now, bend your knees to roll your body up and down the ball. Do this till your thighs are parallel to the ground. Your middle toes should conform to your knees. 
    3. Now, wait for some time, and then with the pressure on your heels, return to the starting point. Now repeat the process. 
    4. You can also make this workout a little complicated by grasping a dumbbell in each hand. 

    Stability Ball “I-Y-T” Shoulder Raise


    1. Placing your stomach on the stability ball, lie with your face towards the ground. Stretch out your legs beyond you, with the support of your toes touching the ground. Give your core proper support to allow your body to form a straight line from your toes to the head. 
    2. Allow your hands to remain suspended near the ground in the form of fists with your thumbs up. Compress your shoulder blades towards the bottom and away from your ears. It is the position to begin your exercise. 
    3. Now, raise your arms straight towards the sky, keeping too near your ears with your shoulders pinned down. Does this seem something like the formation of the letter “I”?
    4. Now, slowly start lowering your hands toward the ground. Then, again, loft your arms up. But this time, it will be in a diagonal order, giving rise to the formation of something like a “Y.” 
    5. Now, start by lowering your arms towards the ground and then raise your arms directly to your sides with your palms facing downwards. Now your posture gives rise to the letter “T.” 


    Any person will fall in love with a versatile and dynamic working stability ball. It has many benefits, and it also works the abdomen muscles very well. You can include a gym ball in almost every type of exercise, and they also expertly challenge the body to extend our core stability. The practices mentioned above can also reduce your body weight as every activity is done mainly against that weight. 

    Along with strengthening your core, it also allows you to improve your flexibility, reducing your chances of getting any sudden injury. It improves your balancing power and also helps in your sports performance. With regular usage, you can also defeat any chronic back pain. Finally, a stability ball is the lightest exercise equipment with extraordinary results that you will ever use!