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Effective Diets That Work 2023

     With so many trendy diets taking the popular space by storm, it can be challenging to choose which is truly wise to follow. Popular diets like the keto diet look effective from afar but cannot be sustained long-term. This makes researching weight loss diets more critical since you don’t want to fall into the trap of losing weight only to regain it. If you’re going to make this the year of fast weight loss, below are the most effective diets of 2023. 

    DASH Diet 

    The DASH Diet, as it is popularly known, stands for the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension. Experts recommend the low-sodium DASH for more than one purpose. The diet’s primary objective was to help people get their blood pressure under control without relying on drugs. While it’s useful for getting your blood pressure to healthy levels, DASH can also be a fantastic choice if you intend to lose weight this year. 

    There’s a heavy emphasis on the intake of fruits and vegetables in this diet. It also encourages the consumption of nonfat or low-fat dairy and whole grains. It’s recommended to limit saturated fat and dietary cholesterol. By restricting your calorie consumption in addition to DASH, you’ll soon be saying hello to better heart health while losing weight. DASH packs multiple benefits, and that positively makes it one of the best diet choices for you.

    Mediterranean Diet 

    The name clues you in on what the diet is about. This diet is based on a healthy lifestyle common to countries like Spain, Italy, Greece, and Portugal. Healthy fats (think avocados, olive oils, fish, and nuts) would be an essential part of diets following this concept. It includes an abundance of fruits, whole grains, and leafy greens! It’s also not a diet that puts your mood in a bummer, allowing you a glass of red wine each day. 

    Following this diet, you’ll be eating plenty of beans and fish at least twice a week. The limitation would be put on the consumption of red meat, and while you can eat cheese, it should be done in moderation. Risks this diet helps you battle include cognitive decline and chronic disease. But by limiting your calorie intake to 15,000 or less in a day, you can also achieve your weight loss goals. 

    Vegan Diet

    This increasingly popular diet is getting more limelight by the day for multiple reasons. The vegan diet asks you to avoid all animal products and not just meat, unlike a vegetarian diet, where dairy is a big part of your daily consumption. While a vegan diet is popularly chosen for more empathy towards animals and environmental protection, it is also a choice for those who wish to lose weight. Vegan foods by themselves are not weight-loss-friendly –you’ll have to be selective about what you eat. 

    Choose the healthier option of leafy greens, plant-based proteins, and other high-quality vegan food to lose weight. You’ll undoubtedly need to put an end to eating foods like pasta and chips. Vegans tend to be thinner than others who eat vegetarian or omnivorous diets. With a balanced vegan diet, losing weight will not be a tough nut to crack for you.  

    Intermittent Fasting 

     One can go about following the intermittent fasting plan in various ways. You can go ahead eating the usual the entire week except for two days, where you stick to a very low-calorie intake. Many people also choose to eat without restriction from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and then fast for the next 16 hours. This diet effectively loses weight, as studies point out how intermittent fasting can help your metabolism rate. There are also numerous other positive health effects. 

    You’ll be losing weight since your overall calorie consumption will be limited. Much like the regular calorie-restricted diet, intermittent fasting is effective in getting rid of those extra pounds. You can choose what works for you in this diet, a weekly plan, or keeping an 8-hour window for eating every day. What matters the most is that you stick to your diet and keep your health goals in mind. 

    WWW Freestyle (Formerly Weight Watchers)  

    The new style of this old diet company assigns one fixed point every week. Points are given to foods based on their calories, sugar, protein, fat, and saturated fat. You’re allowed to eat foods of your choice as long as all of them fall within the range you’ve been assigned. Healthier foods like fruits and vegetables, beans, eggs, chicken breast, fish, and tofu will have 0 points. The thing about WW is that the dieters who follow their plan are more likely to lose weight than those who don’t. 

    To begin, you’ll have to pay some money, but you’ll get to rely on an expert’s input, with meetings and a personal coach. It’s a safe method to lose weight and eases you into eating healthy, 0-point foods on a more regular basis. Since there will be support provided to you, following the diet will not feel as challenging.

    Flexitarian Diet  

    Suppose you’re keen on eating more plant-based foods, but veganism is still challenging for you. In that case, a flexitarian diet may be something you’re interested in. while the diet heavily encourages eating more plant-based consumption, there’s flexibility too –as the name suggests –in this plan. It allows you to have the occasional non-vegetarian food, taking off the stress of crumbling to a rigid diet plan. Interestingly, the flexitarian diet does not have a strict calorie limitation, something rare for diets. 

    However, there is a recommendation of 1500 calories per day according to the 5-week plan given by nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner. This diet also reduces the risk of metabolic syndrome and helps you lose weight. The latter is achieved by adding great quantities of vegetables, fruits, plant proteins, and whole grains to your plate and following an overall low-cal plan. This helps you lose weight and gain other health benefits. 

    Volumetrics Diet  

    This diet given to the world by Barbara Rolls has been ranked as an effective diet for years now, and you can choose this for 2020. The Volumetrics diet asks you to add the most nutritious foods to your plate with the least calories. Foods have been categorized into four parts. Foods like non-starchy vegetables and fruits fall under the category of least energy-dense foods. In contrast, most energy-dense foods would include cookies, crackers, butter, chocolate, and other such items. 

    As a dieter, you need to plan your consumption of as many low-density foods as possible for you. This will reduce your calorie consumption, and you’ll lose weight. The strategy is simple, and it will not be difficult for you to follow as there is no restriction or a rigid exclusion of certain kinds of foods –instead, you get to choose nutritious foods of your choice.   

    Jenny Craig 

    If you liked the idea behind WW, you might like Jenny Craig as well. It’s also a business, and you pay to join and get support from them as you focus on balanced meals. The different thing about Jenny Craig is that you’ll need to buy the pre-packaged meals they give, portion-controlled. The diet is extremely efficient for weight loss. There are various versions you can choose from, and losing weight will be easier for you. 

    However, this is a commercially available diet, and you won’t be eating meals prepared by them forever. It would be best if you didn’t switch to an unhealthy diet plan once you stop following Jenny Craig to sustain your transition plan. The meal replacement should not be hard once you get used to eating healthier foods, but planning can help you maintain your body weight and health conditions as you cook your meals wisely.