Easy Exercises To Improve Your Balance

Whether you’re young or older, body balancing is always important. The article below gets you five (slightly) rigorous exercises and two easy straight-line ways. A balanced being is less susceptible to falls. So, are you all set in your workout costume with a water bottle close by? Let’s start. 

Outer Thigh Pulse (Sumo Squat)

Stand with your feet turned out at 45 degrees. Then, lower yourself into a sumo squat by bending at the hips and knees. But, make sure that your torso stays upright. Lift your left leg and the right arm as your stand. Next, pulse your leg up 2-3 inches three times while you’re holding. Finally, put the left foot on the ground and stand straight. Repeat these squats with both legs 12 times altogether. 

Oblique Crunch (Curtsy Lunge)

Place your fingertips at your ears and stand with your feet apart. Not more than hip-width. Extend your elbows out wide. In this balance exercise, cross the left leg behind you. Here, lower down the body into a curtsy lunge. Next, stand without moving your hips and lift your left leg to meet the elbow. It’s known as an oblique crunch. Finally, switch legs and repeat 12 times. 

Under-The-Leg Clap With Standing Crunch

Improve your balance with this easy crunch. First, extend the left leg in front of you and balance on the right one. Keep your left knee slightly bent at 90 degrees. Next, take your hand overhead. 

Here’s the interesting part. After the leg raises, clap your hands under it and crunch forward. You can do it with one leg 12 times. Then, switch legs and repeat.

Flying Plane Arms And Plank 

Begin with your hands under the shoulders and a high plank. It is the best balance exercise unless you are an older adult. Make sure you extend your arms, and your body is parallel to the floor. With your hips comfortably stable, slowly lift one arm in front. Also, keep the core engaged. As you hold the arm up, fan it towards the side. Bring your hand to the ground. Repeat it on both sides of your body. Finish 12 rounds. 

Side Planks With Rolling Forearms

Begin a side plank with forearms. You may stack your left foot over the right. Then, extending the top arm, roll under the opposite side. 

Switch between the arm on the ground and in the air. Hold on both sides of the body for 2-3 seconds each. Continue rolling from side to side twelve times. 

Straight-Line Exercises For Older Adults

The equation of a straight line is useful in enhancing your body balance. However, since older adults find rigorous movements unsuitable, here are two effective ways. 

Sideways Walking

Hold your knees slightly bent as you stand with your feet together. In a controlled and slow manner, step sideways. Move the feet one by one and join them. Avoiding dropping your hips while moving will enhance your balance and prevent falls. Take steps from one side to another in an open room. 

Heel To Toe Walk

As you stand straight, place the right heel in front of your left foot. Make the same attempt with the other heel. Improve your balance by looking forward throughout. You may even draw vertical lines on the floor and perform five steps. 

For older adults, balance exercises are essential. It’s because tripping may result in heavier consequences for them. 


The exercises given above will improve body balance. However, do not consider them a cure for ailments. Please seek medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment if you face severe pain while trying them. But, if your body’s fine, pick a suitable exercise anytime and work on your balance.