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Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome Cases

    There has recently been information spreading of an unexpected vomiting sickness associated with marijuana, and there is also a label for it. It is called Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome. Health care providers realize it more frequently now. Therefore, what are the Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome symptoms? This article will highlight five of the pertinent things that individuals need to understand in order to guarantee the individual’s health plus the health of others.

    What is Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome?

    Cannabis hyperemesis syndrome is considered a condition or syndrome that individuals who are usually frequent users get. The person would most likely have been using cannabis for more than one year and probably a minimum of every week. However, more than likely, the individual would have been a daily user. They suffer from a condition of repeated vomiting, which is a kind of obstinate vomiting. Plus, it could become severe because an individual who is vomiting consistently has lost electrolytes and fluids. This could result in other serious impediments and dysfunction of organs.

    Symptoms Of Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome

    Due to the fact that this is not a syndrome that is well documented, there are numerous variabilities in acknowledgment and the way it is categorized. There are, however, three phases as agreed by the Mayo Clinic. Prodromal Stage – According to medical experts, prodromal means before actual vomiting. Individuals will probably have pain in the abdominal area and feel nauseous. Hyperemetic Stage – This is the phase when the individual actually starts vomiting. Individuals might have recurring episodes and become dehydrated. Recovery Stage – Recovery would usually happen after the individual stopping or reducing the use of cannabis. The vomiting would normally decrease or stop altogether. It is possible that it could return if the individual ingests cannabis again.

    Could Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome Occur In You?

    There are several hypotheses that such conduct, this cannabis resulting vomiting might be due to cannabis containing what is known as a biphasic effect. This is connected to throwing up, where minimum doses might actually assist individuals who suffer from vomiting and nausea. It might aid in the improvement of this. However, as the amount of doses increase plus the potency of THC amplifies, then the reverse occurs, and individuals become more susceptible to experiencing vomiting and nausea.

    Why So Many Cases Now?

    There is still no actual agreement regarding why this condition is happening at this point in time. However, as more and more people are smoking or ingesting cannabis. Plus, the potency is higher, or there is a greater concentration of THC in products containing cannabis on the market. Within emergency rooms, there is an increased identification of the condition. Therefore, it is a condition that does seem to be on the rise as marijuana use is on the rise.

    Is There A Cure For Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome?

    The optimal way of preventing Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome is to avoid the use of cannabis completely. If individuals are experiencing symptoms, they should consult with their health care provider. Replenishing electrolytes and fluids is certainly something that requires oversight for individuals. Anti-vomiting medicine might also be taken. However, this could lead to side effects. Although not considered a treatment, individuals report finding relief after a hot water bath or shower. This is typically an indicator to the health care provider that they are facing Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome.

    Could It Return After Happening Once?

    According to medical experts, it definitely could return after it has affected an individual once before. As stated prior, the best treatment that health professionals could offer at this point in time. Stop using marijuana completely or reduce the amount of cannabis or cannabis products is ingested.