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Best Exercise Equipment For Your Home


    After the coronavirus hit the world, we all had to move indoors, and many of the essential services that we would use started to fall apart. We had to study our homework at home and not go outside as much as possible. Since fitness is important, we all had to start working out at home as well. The sale of home workout equipment shot up because everyone wanted some equipment to work out at their homes.

    You might not be able to buy all the equipment that you would find in a gym, but you can purchase equipment that can challenge you just as much. The main aim is to find easy-to-use and portable equipment that you can store. There is no use buying too much gear when you do not have the space to keep it. 

    TRX Go Suspension Trainer 

    This trainer system uses your body weight as resistance and is good to train your upper and lower body as well as your core. If you are unsure how to use this trainer system, TRX has videos on their websites to teach you how to use it. There are also thirty-minute video workouts that you can follow, and you get new videos daily. This is an expensive item to purchase, but you can use it to get more fit, and it can help you, so consider it an investment in yourself. 

    Non-slip Exercise Mat

    If you practice yoga or do any home workouts generally, having an exercise mat is essential. You do not have to spend too much money to buy an expensive exercise mat. You can get some for very cheap, and you can use them in all your yoga or bodyweight workouts. If you are tall, look for a longer mat as some mats might not be very long. 

    Manduka Pro Yoga Mat

     If you do not mind spending more money on a mat, then this is a purchase that you should make. Many people who practice yoga recommend this mat, and if you try it out, you will also love it. It is very durable, and it’s thicker than most mats. Although it is thick, it is still firm, so you will not sink into the mat if you step on it. 

    Feierdun Doorway Pull-up Bar

    Pull-ups are an essential exercise for your back and bicep muscles. A doorway pull-up bar is something that you must check out if you want to build strength and muscle. You can also use this product to train your abs, chest, etc. There are a variety of different ways you can use this pull-up bar. If you are not strong enough yet to do pull-ups, you should try to use resistance and bands, and you can keep using them till you get the strength to do pull-ups. 

    Azure Life Exercise Core Sliders

    As the name suggests, it is a core slider targeting your core and abs. You can do various exercises with these sliders, including planks, push-up variations, mountain climbers, etc. The discs can work on carpets and any hardwood floor too. 

    Lifeline Power Wheel

    This wheel is excellent for core training. However, you can use it to work on your hamstrings as well. You can be creative and find different ways to use this piece of equipment.

    Zensufu Ankle Weights

    These ankle weights can make any lower body workout more challenging. You can do leg raises for your abs and challenge your core. You could also run in a closed space with them as they can increase your strength over time. The primary purpose of these weights is the core engagement that it offers. 

    JFIT Dumbbell Set 

    Dumbbells are very useful if you want to build up your muscles. They are very durable, and you can use them in multiple ways to train your whole body. You can do deadlifts, squats, curls, bench presses, etc., with dumbbells. You do not need any fancy machines to work out. The dumbbells work fine and take less space to store than some machines. You do not need too much space to keep them either because they are pretty compact. 

    Bowflex Select Tech Adjustable Weight Kettlebell

    This kettlebell is not just any regular kettlebell because you can adjust the weights. This feature saves space, money, and materials as it is very efficient. In addition, the product has a good quality build, and since you can adjust the weight, you can decide what level of fitness you are at and use the weight you are comfortable with. 

    SPRI Xertuve Resistance Bands 

    You can purchase these bands in many different resistance levels based on your strength. You can stand on these bands or attach them to something while you perform the exercises. Of course, you can also use the resistance bands to stretch your muscles before exercises, and you can use them to make exercises harder, but the good thing is that you can use them to make certain exercises easier.

    For example, if you cannot do pull-ups, then you can use a resistance band by attaching it to the bar and attaching the other end to your leg. In this way, it will be easier for you to pull yourself up until you have the strength to pull yourself up without the help of any resistance bands. 

    Prosourcefit Soft Medicine Ball

    A medicine ball is one piece of equipment that you must have because there are many different ways that you can use it. For example, you can use the ball to do other regular exercises and create different amounts of tension in your muscles. If you are trying to perform exercises for physical therapy or exercises to prevent injury, this purchase is a good option. Many physiotherapists recommend this to people who have had past injuries and are trying to get stronger. 

    TOSAMC Durable Wrist Weights

    Even a two to five-pound ankle and wrist weight can change your workout entirely. It can add an excellent challenge to all your exercises. If you do not want to lift heavyweights in the gym, this can be an excellent place to start. The reason being, you do not have too much weight, but you are also using light enough weights that they would not intimidate you. 


    Although you might buy many products for your home gym, it won’t be easy to replace everything, so it is best to do your research and find a different variation to do the exercises you used to do in your gym normally. Without the exact equipment, you will not be able to do many of the exercises, and it is best if you find alternatives. Most exercises will have alternatives that you can do using resistance bands or medicine balls etc.