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Best Drinks For Inflammation

    What you eat in a day very much affects your body; focus on these drinks during inflammation. Let’s start with a bit of a gist about inflammation. When you are hurt, the body starts fighting with the germs and heals your wound. But there are times when the injury is swollen. It turns red and feels itchy; there are also traces of pus oozing out of it. This irritation you feel on the wound is inflammation. 

    Different Types Of Causes Can Be Listed Down But Let’s Focus On The Basic Ones

    • By virus or fungi 
    • It can be a side effect of any radiation or chemicals
    • When you are hurt externally, either by some pointy thing or when you fall. 
    • It can also be caused due to a disease or medical condition. 

    What Are The Signs And Symptoms To Look Out For?

    Though there are many causes of inflammation, there are only a few symptoms to look out for. 

      • Redness around the wound
      • Swelling 
      • Heat
      • Loss of function
      • Pain

    By loss of function, I mean when you can’t move the inflamed joint. Or when you cannot breathe and have a worse sense of smell. Sometimes the symptoms are silent too and are not recognized most of the time. 

    Now you might be wondering it’s just inflammation and it is only due to the wound, and it will be fine then you are in great trouble here.  There are terrible circumstances if this goes unnoticed. If the inflammation increases, then it can cause reactions to our body. 

      • You will feel exhausted and can fall ill too. Due to which the immune system is active, and plenty of energy is produced. This leaves the body feeling tired when power is needed for other activities. 
      • There are specific changes in the blood as immune cells are more.

    There are other rare complications like falling very ill and high fever too.

    During inflammation, the body needs strength, which can be fulfilled if you eat the right food. Food can change how you feel; it can relieve your pain if taken correctly. 

    Water And Baking Soda

    Baking soda is the most underrated thing that we know about. A recent study has found that drinking this tonic can help in reducing inflammation. But one has to be careful about this drink as too much baking soda can cause side effects. You can drink this for a month but drinking it for more than this duration can cause bone loss and liver damage. 

    How To Drink It

    Take 1/4th tablespoon of the powder and add it in at least 12 oz of water.

    Ginger Green Juice With Parsley

    Ginger is the best option for a healthy drink. It is known to have anti-inflammatory properties. This drink helps to prevent the production of inflammatory molecules. Parsley is another ingredient that helps in preventing swelling. 

    How To Prepare The Drink

    Add a handful of parsley and 2 cups of spinach to the juicer. And then add lemon juice, cucumber, and 2 inches of ginger. Blend this and drink it once a day. 

    Apple Beet And Carrot Juice

    This juice looks like a strawberry smoothie but tastes different. Beetroot has been one of the most healthy ingredients. This drink is not only anti-inflammatory but helps the body to regain strength. One can tell from its rich color that this drink is filled with antioxidants. You can intake it daily without any doubt. 

    How To Make It

    You have to add beetroot, carrot, and an apple in a blender. If you want to enhance the taste, you can add lemon juice and spinach leaves to it. 

    Lemon And Turmeric

    We have all heard about lemon and its properties and turmeric well, and there’s nothing healthier than that. Recent studies have shown that turmeric reduces the body’s inflammatory response and provides relief to joint pains.

    Add 1 tsp of freshly grated ginger and turmeric in 3 cups of water. Add lemon juice for some taste. You can also add a pinch of pepper to your drink. 

    To make it, add all the ingredients to a container and heat it on a medium flame. Do not boil it; strain that drink and savor your drink. 


    Inflammation can be very troublesome for the body and health as a whole. Little precaution and discipline while eating and drinking can solve these issues altogether. Drinking and eating the right food can solve all issues without any doubt.