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Beneficial Drinks To Consider For Your Diet

    The supermarkets have shelves lined up with sugar-rich and carbonated drinks unhealthy for both your body and mind. TV commercials and restaurants also promote drinks with artificial sweetening and diet sodas, leaving people to waver between their so-called benefits and adverse effects.

    Of course, there is no substitute and competition for water when it comes to overall health benefits. Some drinks can boost your nutrition if you crave something more than water without causing any apparent harm.

    The article brings you eight such beverages, from cranberry juice to coffee and more, that will benefit your health while also treating your tastebuds to the flavors they crave. 



    Tea is one of the most commonly consumed beverages around the world. They form an integral part of many cultures, dating back to ancient times with their wide usage as medicinal drinks. 

    They have many health benefits without the additions like artificial flavors, added sugars, etc. Let’s take a look at four such tea variants you must include in your diet.

    Green Tea 

    Green tea, made from unfermented leaves, is high on some of the most potent antioxidants called polyphenols. They are considered one of the healthiest drinks and have recently grown popular with people switching to healthier lifestyles.

    Antioxidant molecules help reduce the free radicals, which are cell-damaging compounds. Free radicals cause cell death and even damage the DNA. These promote the aging process, according to several studies, while also leading to several cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

    Turmeric Tea

    Also commonly known as golden milk, turmeric is rising in popularity worldwide at a high pace. It goes centuries back and is a crucial part of the tradition for countries like India and China, both as spices and medicine.

    Several studies speak for the incredible health benefits of curcumin, a leading active constituent of turmeric. There are several ways to consume turmeric tea, but we recommend it with black pepper and ginger for better results and absorption. Turmeric is rich in antioxidants, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. It is also widely explored as an anti-cancer agent apart from its effectiveness and usage for wounds, sprains, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis, among many more.

    Dandelion Tea

    If you’re someone looking to detox your body, dandelion tea is for you. Dandelions not only nurse the mineral-depleted soil back to health but also offer excellent health benefits when consumed by humans.

    An interesting fact about dandelion plants is that all of their parts, from leaves to roots, can be used for different health factors. Extract the leaves for their detoxification abilities and a cure to various issues like headaches, skin, arthritis, gastric, gout, etc. At the same time, its roots are roasted and used as an alternative to coffee beans, given their high inulin content, detoxification support, and cancer-fighting agents.

    Holy Basil Tea

    Popularly also known as Tulsi or ‘queen of herbs,’ holy basil is a highly therapeutic herb and finds wide usage in traditional medicines. Widely used for several health issues like cough, fever, insect bites, etc., but also because of their adaptogenic properties, i.e., they relieve stress from the mind and body and help the body adapt better.

    There are endless benefits of holy basil, ranging from prevention from cellular damage to the good health of the brain, liver, and kidney.

    Coffee and Dark Chocolate

    Coffee might already be an integral part of the day for many around the world, but did you know that three cups of coffee each day can help you live longer? Coffee without add-ins like whipped cream, flavor essence, and artificial sweetener, which many cafes offer, is the best form to consume. 

    Coffee is high in cell-protecting antioxidants alongside properties that lower the risk of diseases like cancer, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, etc. However, one must not consume more than 3 cups in a day, given the fact that they leach out elements like iron and calcium from the body. In mindful amounts, coffee has also proven beneficial for people who have type 2 diabetes.

    Similarly, dark hot chocolate boosts the mood and relieves stress. This absolute delight also maintains blood pressure, improves insulin sensitivity, prevents heart disease, reduces cholesterol, and is also high in saturated fat content.


    Though regular water is a must, these water variants are a must-try for everyone.

    Lemon Water 

    This citrusy little friend is more than its sour taste, pleasant smell, and cleaning abilities. Widely used for beauty purposes and cosmetics, but a few drops of lemon in regular water can also significantly improve your health.

    Lemon water is excellent for boosting the weight loss process, improving skin and hair, boosting the immune system, protects from free radicals and cancer-causing agents, and suffice the vitamin C needs of your body.

    Cucumber Water 

    Apart from keeping you hydrated at all times, cucumber water is also known to flush out the toxins from your body efficiently. Just put some slices of the widely cultivated vegetables in regular water and rejuvenate your body and skin as they are rich in vitamin A, K, and C, with the ability to control blood pressure and prevent cancer.

    Cranberry Juice

    Many people have only explored these delicious and healthy fruits in a cranberry juice cocktail or sauces and cranberry products, but there is a lot more inside these little red delights than great taste. 

    Drinking cranberry juice can effectively keep in check your overall health. It is perfect for urinary tract infection (UTI), cardiovascular diseases, inflammation, oxidative stress, etc. Cranberries are also known for their anti-cancer properties. So next time, instead of a processed product, pick some fresh cranberries from the store and treat yourself.

    Green Juice 

    Green juice is for everyone, but especially people who have trouble finishing the greens on their plates. The benefits of dark green leafy vegetables include – 

    • Highly nutritious with abundant vitamins A, C, E, and K. Vitamin K being anti-inflammatory with protection against osteoporosis.
    • They also have high amounts of iron, fiber, calcium, potassium, carbohydrates, sodium, and magnesium.
    • They are antioxidants and prevent cell damage and cancers like breast, stomach, and skin.
    • They also help in repairing DNA and cardiovascular health.

    Aloe Vera Juice

    Aloe vera is not only good for the skin; there is much more to it than beauty products and face masks. It is detoxifying, with immune system support, lower cholesterol levels, and blood sugar. Aloe vera is also proven helpful for arthritis, ulcers, constipation, coughs, and headaches.

    It acts as an excellent digestion booster, which is all the more reason to add it to the list of after-meal drinks.

    Coconut Water

    What is better than coconut water/juice to feel energized and hydrated all at once? Coconut water makes an excellent substitute for water every once in a while, as it is incredibly hydrating with multiple other benefits.

    Coconut water is suitable for diabetic patients, primarily type 2 diabetes. It also complements digestion, cardiovascular health, anti-cancer agents, headaches, and migraines. 

    They help you lose weight with additional benefits to the skin, hair, and blood pressure.

    Plant-Based Milk

    Though many people might argue and compare plant-based milk with dairy milk, they are not the same. Dairy does more harm to your body in the long term than good; however, it may seem beneficial.

    Plant-based milk is a practical, cruelty-free, and healthy alternative to dairy, with various flavors ranging from almonds, oats, coconut, rice, and many more, to mention a few.  

    Almond milk – is a good source of calcium, vitamin E & D, which is the prime reason many consume dairy. They are also low in calories and sugar, with various health benefits like a boost to brain health.

    Oats milk – is sustainable, promoting immunity, high fiber content, lower cholesterol levels, and a fantastic taste.


    The market is flooded with energy drinks, sports drinks, fruit and processed juices, and whatnot. The high content of artificial sweeteners, caffeine, added sugars, and other additives make them extremely harmful to health and make you gain weight, leading to many health issues. 

    Choosing a fresh, wholesome, and nourishing drink ensures physical benefits and keeps your mental health checked. So switch to a healthy diet with the drinks mentioned above and watch yourself grow healthy and happy because what we eat determines how we feel. For the time being, Happy Scrolling!