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6 Exercises You Probably Did Not Know For Lean Abs

    Abdominal muscles are for more than looks. Strengthening your abdominal muscles has more benefits than you may think, and doing these exercises can help other aspects of your life. Achieving a stronger core can help those who want to have good posture and commonly experience back pain. These exercises also benefit people who work from a desk all day. Along with other exercises, these can help those who need to get up and move around to prevent aches and pains from sitting all day. 

    Over time the same workout routines become boring and not as challenging. It is essential to switch up your exercise routine and add in new exercises whenever possible. Many online resources and apps for your smartphone can help you find new workouts to add to your routine. Below are abdominal exercises for those that have been neglecting all abdominal exercises. These easy-to-learn exercises are perfect for those with short periods of free time between busy tasks. 


    Plank is an all-time classic core exercise. Make a straight line from your shoulders to ankles, which supports yourself on your toes and forearms. First, the plank is simply a great physical activity, with low chances of doing it wrong. Plank is more comfortable scaling up, beginning with 20 seconds, and strengthening it towards 60 seconds. Ensure you engage your core by inclining your pelvis back narrowly to smooth the lower back; however, avoid curving your lower back.

    Beneficial For: Transverse Abs

    Mountain Climber

    Go into a push-up position and then bring your right knee to your chest. Keep alternating both feet, jump the back foot off the floor, and alternate with the front foot. Keep the focus on pulling your abdomen muscles in the whole process to protect your spine, and increase the intensity. Mountain Climber is the best physical activity for developing your abs and burning calories. Initially, begin with 30 seconds of mountain climbers and gradually improve to 60 seconds. 

    Beneficial For: Abdominal Muscles

    Dead Bug

    Begin with lying on your back with your knees bent at a 90-degree angle and your arms raised towards the ceiling. Your lower back should be pressed to the floor, engage your abs, and gradually expand and lower the right leg till the heel closely touches the ground and left arm until it almost feels the floor overhead simultaneously. Take a pause, and then back to perform the exercise for the other side. One rep completes this. Continue for 30 seconds and work your way to 60 seconds. Continue to increase the number of reps after you become more familiar with this exercise.

    Beneficial For: Transverse Abs

    Hollow Rock Hold

    For this exercise, start by lying on your back on the floor. Lift your arms and legs slightly off the floor simultaneously. Your head should be in between your arms. Press your legs together and involve your abs to push your upper body upwards while your legs are still above the ground. Hold this position and then slowly bring your upper body back toward the floor while your legs lift higher than before. In doing this, your upper back should be pressed against the floor. Hold this position and then slowly transfer back to the starting position. The picture given above should help clarify any confusion. 

    Beneficial For: Obliques, Transverse Abs, And Rectus Abdominis

    Bear Crawl

    First, come into bear plank posture, with shoulders over wrists and knees under the hips. Keep your hips in a steady position and head inline with the tailbone and knees raised away from the floor, gradually step forward hand and foot in another direction, copy the same activity with the other hand and foot for a total of four steps. Now reverse the whole movement to take a backward step and again start. That is a complete rep. Continuing for 30 to 60 seconds, then do the same activity for a total of three to five rounds. The bear crawl builds up all your main muscle groups to enhance your muscular strength. By speeding it up, you will find some cardio exercise benefits too.

    Beneficial For: Transverse Abs, And Rectus Abdominis

    Seated Rotation

    Sit on the ground with your legs slightly elevated and bent. Hold the medicine ball in your hands over your torso and then twist your shoulders back and forth so that the ball moves toward each side of your body. Continue this motion back and forth as many times as you can, and take breaks in between. Make sure to keep your core engaged throughout the exercise. Make it simpler by putting feet fixed on a mat or speeding up the intensity by gliding feet or holding the weight. This exercise does not require a medicine ball or weights, but the activity becomes more challenging when weight is added.

    Beneficial For: Obliques

    Final Words

    Workouts are suitable for keeping your body fit and helping you maintain a healthier lifestyle. When you have a free moment, try learning these simple exercises. Start by exercising for 30 minutes a day and then increasing it by 15 minutes overtime. If you have a hectic schedule, try breaking up your workout into three different twenty-minute sessions. Consider adding new exercises to your routine to ensure you do not get bored of the same workout every day.




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