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Worst Habits For Belly Fat

     Belly fat is the most dangerous accumulation of fat. If you have a large protruding belly, you are at high risk of heart disease. Belly fat settles around your organs, creating a high risk of heart attack, diabetes, and hypertension. To break a habit, you need to develop new good habits. Apart from unhealthy eating, other lifestyle habits also cause belly fat. Here are ten habits to get rid of to reduce belly fat and live a healthy life.

    You Distract Yourself While Eating

    The most common problem that we see these days is a two-way focus while eating. Since childhood, we are in the habit of watching TV, surfing through social media or reading a book while eating. When you occupy your mind elsewhere, it cannot assimilate how much it has to eat. Research show people who are obese have a common habit of watching TV while eating. 

    If your mind is distracted while eating, you will not enjoy the flavors of the food. Research conducted by the University of Vermont found that people enjoyed their food much more and could cut down 50% calorie intake daily when not watching TV. So, next time you eat, minimize distraction, concentrate on food and be thoughtful about the savors of the food.

    You Are Skipping Your Meals

    If you think skipping meals will help in losing weight, you are wrong. Instead, skipping meals might make you more fat. The American Journal of Epidemiology proved that skipping meals lowers your metabolism. For example, people who skipped their breakfast were five times more obese than those who had a good healthy breakfast meal. 

    Eating small portions throughout the day activates your metabolism. A low-calorie diet like yogurt, berries, and nuts provides the required nutrition and will keep you satiated for a longer run. If you want to remain fit, don’t skip your meals. 

    You Eat Quickly

    If you are eating in a hurry, it will cause weight gain. Instead, take your time to eat; it is good for digestion and will keep your weight maintained. To break this habit, you will have to train yourself. The best way is to use a small spoon as it will reduce the quantity intake. 

    A study conducted by the University of Rhode Island found that people who ate slowly ate 30% less than those eating fast. Eating fast will result in overeating. Eat slowly, chew your food and let your taste buds enjoy the food.

    Drinking too much Soda

    Both sugar-based sodas, as well as diet soda, are bad for your health. Diet sodas may not have calories, but they have their side effects and dangers. For example, the University of Texas research found that drinking diet soda showed a 70% increase in belly size. Studies also show drinking soda could cause a spike in blood sugar level, accumulation of excessive body fat, and risk of heart disease.

    Eating in Groups

    Health experts prove that eating with other people increases our appetite. People tend to eat as much as 44% more than average when eating with friends or in a group. A meal savored alone is eaten in smaller quantities. The intake of drinks and food increases with the number of people. Studies show that people eating in a group drank four times more and ate twice as much as they normally eat. Prefer to eat in solitude; if social compulsions compel you to eat with other people, go slow and limit your intake.

    You Eat to Change your Mood

    For all species, eating is a compulsion for survival; humans indulge in treats! Eating is one of the most enjoyed pleasures for humans. If we have a bad day, we first buy a good meal for ourselves. It is not all about the calories but the pleasure we seek in food. 

    It is good to treat yourself; be cautious about the calories, the right mood, and take your time. Select a nutritious diet or even food rich in antioxidants. This fine food will cut down extra calories and will also set your mood right.

    Take Enough Rest

    Research proves that if you are sleeping less than five hours, you will likely put twice as much belly fat than others. Those who sleep at least eight hours a day are less prone to the accumulation of belly fat. Health experts recommend a minimum of eight hours of sleep. The National Sleep Foundation also recommends sleeping at night is much more beneficial than sleeping during the day.

    Not Drinking Enough Water

    Staying hydrated is equally important to maintain your weight. Health experts believe the majority of people eat even when they are thirsty. Therefore, it is essential to drink at least eight to ten glasses of water every day to eliminate fat accumulation. Water also helps in removing wastes and reduces bloating. A hydrated body will have a natural glow and will keep away the urge to binge eat.

    Eating Late at Night

    The Indians believe you should have your last meal before the sun goes down for a healthy life. Even if you see the animal kingdom, most species don’t eat once the sun is down except for the nocturnal animals. Eating late at night will decrease your metabolism and lead to excessive accumulation of fats. It will also have undigested food in your stomach in the morning, leading to constipation.

    Not Listening to Health Experts

    Reading about fitness, diet, and active lifestyles make you more conscious about your fitness and weight. Of course, it is always good to join the gym, learn yoga, and include nutritious food in your diet. However, people who read and take expert advice are more conscious about their health and also get more fit with little effort.


    Fitness is all about making the right choices and living an active life. Belly fat accumulation doesn’t take much time depositing, but it takes a whole lot of effort to get rid of it. So if you are feeling your circumference increasing, stop it right there before it is too late. Starving and choosing low-fat food and diet sodas do not work well; it has been proven these remedies will do more harm than good.