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Why Breakfast Is The Most Important Meal Of The Day

    Breakfast means breaking the fast, which we keep overnight. Eating breakfast helps you restore your body’s glucose levels, keep alert and energized, and provide the essential nutrients needed for a healthy body. It also helps increase people’s concentration level, which helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. People do not know about the benefits, and they end up skipping breakfast. So, let’s move forward to all the benefits of eating breakfast, and let’s see if I can convince you to fit this meal into your schedule.


    When you wake up in the morning, it is obvious that you haven’t eaten for 8-10 hours. Yes, your body is resting for that duration, but it also needs energy after waking up. When you eat your dinner, the food is broken down by your body and turned into glucose. The glucose is saved in your liver as glycogen. When you sleep at night, the liver distributes the glycogen in the form of glucose to your brain, and it also stables the blood sugar level. When you wake up in the morning, the glycogen is low, and the storage needs to be full again. To do that, you should eat your breakfast which will restore the glycogen level, which will keep your metabolism proper for the day. You will notice that the people who eat breakfast have more energy than the ones who skip it.

    Controls Weight

    The research is still going on for this, but many suggest that people who have their breakfast daily are unlikely to be obese unless they have a medical condition. The reasons for this is that:

    • as you do not skip the meal, the intake of carbohydrates is proper, so the glucose is adequate.  This helps people to have control over their appetite.
    • If someone is hungry for 8 hours, their intake will be less than that of a hungry person for more than 10 hours. So if you have your breakfast, then your stomach would be full for some time. Those who are hungry for long tend to grab the food next to them, and it is probably something sweet or high-fat content.

    Reduces the Risk of Illness

    The people who eat their breakfast regularly are more healthy than the ones who skip it. The former are at a lower risk of getting diabetes or obesity. Also, those people who do not eat breakfast have a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

    Cognitive Function

    If a person skips breakfast, they feel sluggish and tired; they also find it difficult to focus on things. Eating breakfast restores the glycogen content, which is important for proper brain functioning. Studies have shown that if you eat breakfast, it improves memory, lowers the stress level, keeps you in a happy mood, improves concentration, and increases your energy level. It is the most important meal for the kids as it improves their attainment and behavior. Along with this, it improves overall health. 


    Another reason for breakfast being the essential meal of the day is because of its nutritional values. The foods eaten for breakfast are rich in iron, calcium, folate, vitamins, and fiber. Eating breakfast will provide you with all the nutrients you may need for the day. 

    Reduces Metabolic Syndrome

    If you are a person who is trusting on your lunch for all the nutrients, then that wouldn’t be the best choice. Starting with a grand meal will help you prevent metabolic syndrome disorders. Researches show that the time of eating food also matters for a healthy body. Doctors recommend avoiding a heavy meal for dinner.

    Improves Skin

    Eating the right food at the right time benefits your body in many ways; one of them is to protect the skin cells from damage. If you eat a proper diet, then your skin texture would also change.

    The Bottom line

    The body needs a lot of energy to go through the whole day. Eating breakfast is important, and more than that, what you eat is also vital. Your body’s health revolves around what you eat and when you eat so, make it a habit of eating breakfast daily.