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The Worst Foods To Eat When You’re Sick

    Being sick can be incredibly frustrating. You might feel like you’ve been set back in terms of your daily plans or goals, and it’s understandable if a bit of frustration sets in. But it’s important to remember that sickness is treatable; it’s often just a matter of perseverance in finding the best remedy for you.

    Taking time to relax, eat well, and reconnect with yourself as you heal can make all the difference. However, one of the most important things to be mindful of when you’re sick is the food you eat. Certain ones can make your body work harder than it needs to in order to heal up and recover. So even though they might taste good, they can do more harm than good. Here are some of the worst foods to eat when you’re sick:

    Don’t Drink Coffee When Sick


    Coffee may seem like an obvious go-to when you’re feeling under the weather, but it can do more harm than good. Since coffee has stimulant properties, it can cause dehydration and heart palpitations, leading to further discomfort. Additionally, it promotes gastric acid secretion, which can disrupt digestion and worsen sickness symptoms.

    Instead of having a cup of joe when you don’t feel well, reach for water or an electrolyte-rich beverage to rehydrate and get your energy levels back up. You should also try to avoid foods high in fat or processed sugars, as this puts extra strain on your digestive system while trying to recover.

    Processed Meats


    Processed meats are one of the worst foods to have when you’re sick. Processed meats generally have higher levels of sodium and saturated fats, making you feel bloated and sluggish, both of which will add to existing discomfort from an illness.

    In addition, many processed types of meat also contain unhealthy preservatives and other artificial chemicals, which can further impede your recovery. Furthermore, some processed meats can be high in nitrates or nitrites, linked to cancer risks depending on quantity. All of these factors contribute to why it’s best to avoid them when you’re feeling under the weather!



    While milk may be comforting for those feeling under the weather, it’s one of the worst foods to eat when you’re sick. Dairy tends to increase mucus production, and drinking milk when already congested can make breathing harder.

    Milk is also among the most difficult foods for the body to digest, so having a full glass of milk could put extra strain on an already weakened digestive system. Furthermore, milk often has added sugars which can exacerbate symptoms like nausea or dizziness. If you’re feeling unwell, the best thing to do is stick with light and easily digestible foods like toast or plain broth that won’t further strain your system.

    Fried Foods


    Avoiding fried foods should be your number one priority when you’re feeling under the weather. Fried foods are a food group all of their own, but that does not make them a healthy choice. Fried foods are typically high in carbohydrates and fat and contain acrylamide, a chemical agent believed to cause health issues.

    Additionally, fried foods can be difficult to digest due to their combination of saturated fats and complex carbohydrates, which require time to process through the body. As your digestive system is likely already compromised when you’re unwell, eating fried food will only exacerbate the issue, leading to bloatedness and potential nausea. When you’re feeling sick, the best thing to do is choose light meals such as toast or fruit, which are easy on the stomach.



    Soda might sound like a refreshing treat while sick, but it’s one of the worst foods to eat when unwell. It won’t help replenish lost fluids, has empty calories that can impact overall health, and can worsen an upset stomach with its high sugar, carbonation, and acidity levels.

    Cold drinks aren’t typically on a list of “doctor-approved” remedies for cold or flu symptoms; healthier alternatives such as herbal teas, clear broths, or electrolyte drinks are better bets when looking for something to sip on. Eating food is also essential in helping the body recover from illness; satisfying meals like soups, whole-grain bread, and lean proteins should still be a priority.

    Don’t Drink Alcohol When Sick


    Consuming alcohol while you’re sick may seem like a good idea at the time, but it can make your symptoms much worse in the long run. When alcohol is consumed when ill, it suppresses the immune system, leading to slower healing and repairs that could create even more health problems. Furthermore, alcohol also causes dehydration – ironically, something often sought out as relief for a fever – which can be very dangerous in certain circumstances.

    To maintain good health, it’s best to avoid consuming alcoholic beverages when you don’t feel well. Try warm drinks instead, such as tea or herbal infusions that provide calming effects. Eat more of your favorite comfort food – soup is always a good option! Most importantly, rest up when you are not feeling well and let the body heal naturally so that you won’t be tempted by that bottle of wine or beer later on.

    Spicy Foods


    Many of you love to eat spicy food, but it can be difficult when you are sick. Eating spicy foods when you’re not feeling well can worsen some symptoms and make it harder for your body to recover. Spicy foods irritate the lining of your digestive tract and can trigger severe gas pains or diarrhea.

    Additionally, spicy food’s intense heat can make you feel even more uncomfortable if your throat is already sore from being sick. It’s vital to remember foods that are safe in terms of spiciness level—salads and soups with less spicy seasonings like herbs and milder spices like turmeric or garlic—so you don’t worsen your physical symptoms while trying to make yourself feel better.



    Sweets may seem like a great pick-me-up when you’re feeling under the weather. Even if you don’t usually eat candy, cake, or cookies, it can be tempting to fill your belly in search of comfort. Unfortunately, sweets are one of the worst foods to eat when you suffer from illness.

    Eating too much sugar can affect your body’s ability to absorb vitamins and minerals, making it harder for your immune system to fight off whatever’s ailing you! Too much sugar can cause dehydration and worsen symptoms like coughing and congestion. Remember that the best way to get through an illness is to prioritize smart nutrition choices full of nutrients that will help bolster your body’s ability to heal itself – save the sweets for happier days!

    Avoid These Foods When You’re Sick!

    If you’re feeling ill, it can seem like anything goes when it comes to food—especially if your appetite is limited. However, certain foods are not great for you when you are unwell. If you want to give your body the best chance at healing and avoiding further complications, avoid eating the foods listed above!