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Most Unhealthy Drinks For Your Body

    In the summer, all we can think of are a few refreshing drinks like diet coke, lemonade, and orange juice, after a long and tiring day. But one thing we avoid when we think of them is their high sugar content. According to studies, orange juice and lemonade have high sugar content. Surprising, isn’t it? Because we all used to think of them as a healthy drink, but in reality, they are very unhealthy. 

    High sugar content means severe health threats like cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. But that’s not it; high sugar leads to many health disadvantages that can cost you your life. It might be unbelievable, but sweet drinks can also sabotage your mental health. A few of the drinks which are very unhealthy and you should avoid at all costs are mentioned below:


    Sodas should be the expected drink to come first in the list of the most unhealthy beverages. This is because Pepsi, Coke, Fanta, or sprite are loaded with sugar. According to coca-cola, 39 g of sugar is present in one can of coca-cola, equal to 7 teaspoons of sugar, into water. The problem with this amount of sugar is that it will raise the sugar level in your blood. And after some time, this would damage the pancreas as it processes sugar. This means if you continue to drink soda, your pancreas will start aging quickly. 


    Lemonade is not any better. A lot of companies add the same amount of sugar precisely similar to soda. The most surprising fact is that companies like Minute Maid contain even more sugar than in Coca Cola which is 40 grams. And the worst part is that they do not use any raw sugar cane sugar either; they use their daintiest high fructose corn syrup. Still, if they did use the natural sugar, it would look like a direct invitation to diabetes. 

    Sweet Iced Tea

    Sweet tea can be considered the best summer refreshment, but it is equal to lemonade in sugar content. To make it worse, iced tea also has caffeine which promotes inflammation. Make sure you avoid this drink at all costs; otherwise, many conditions might affect your body. Instead of sweet iced tea, you can have green tea as a substitute. 

    Diet Soda 

    Diet soda has a lot of artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame. And these fake sweeteners are recommended by a lot of doctors, but these sugar alternatives are even more dangerous as they lead to:

      • Brain tumor 
      • High BP 
      • Cancer of bladder 
      • Leukemia 
      • Breast cancer
      • Migraine
      • Allergies
      • Weight gain
      • seizures

    The worst part about artificial sweeteners is that they disturb good gut bacteria. Gut bacteria is essential for securing the blood from inflammation. Other than that, it also helps in maintaining mental health with conditions like depression, ADHD, and autism. It is best if you decide to avoid it because it has a lot of side effects that can cost you your life. The listing of some of the fake sweeteners is mentioned below. 

      • Xylitol
      • Mannitol
      • Erythritol
      • Lactitol
      • Sorbitol
      • Maltitol
      • Isomalt
      • aspartame

    They not only promote migraines and weight gain, but most of them originate from GMO ingredients. Rather than these, you can use raw honey and green stevia.  

    Orange Juice 

    Just a taste of orange juice is sufficient to set your taste buds on fire after a long stressful day. But no one would have thought that this drink would be included in this list. Surprisingly, a glass of orange juice consists of a lot of sugar, almost nine teaspoons, which is more than a can of coca-cola. It can be noted that the sugar in it is natural, but it doesn’t contrast. Orange juice has that much sugar to harm your health to the extent that you might even die. 

    Carrot Juice 

    Carrot juice is usually considered one of the most healthy drinks of all time, as it allegedly improves eyesight. Vegetables can be the last thing to be considered as sweet. But believe it, or not even carrot juice has maximum sugar content. Even though carrot has half the amount of sugar compared to orange juice, it has way too much sugar to be counted in the list of healthy drinks. 


    Many experts recommend smoothies for weight loss, but in reality, they are also very unhealthy. Because if you combine all kinds of fruits like bananas, oranges, pineapples, etc., it will form nothing but a sugar bomb. 


    It can be shocking to look at this list because there are a lot of drinks that we thought were healthy. Now you must be wondering if these drinks are unhealthy then which drinks are healthy. We have lined up some healthy drinks which can be equally refreshing as lemonade and orange juice. 

      • Green tea 
      • Lemon water 
      • Turmeric tea 
      • Blueberry juice 
      • Tart cherry juice 
      • Cranberry juice 
      • Cucumber juice 
      • Celery juice 

    Making small amends like replacing sugar with raw honey or green stevia will also make a huge difference.