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How To Avoid Getting Sick This Season

    You will be surprised that most secrets for amazing health are not secrets but common sense we can apply in daily life. One example is you should stay away from viruses and bacteria at work and school. With this, there are several other solutions to avoid getting sick this season. You can avoid a sore throat or running nose using the given best tips for cold and seasonal flu in the winter months.

    Eat Green Vegetables

    Leafy and green vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals. These let you eat a balanced diet. You can avoid getting sick in winters because vitamins make your immune system strong. Research on mice has shown how cruciferous vegetable consumption sends a chemical signal to the animal or human body. The mice that did not eat green vegetables had less protein percentage. 

    Stay Active 

    You should follow a daily routine for exercising every day. One thing to do is walking three times a week. It keeps you trim and fit. Staying active also keeps your body healthy in the winter months. Exercise keeps chronic disease and inflammation in control, reduces stress and stress-related hormones, increases the circulation of white blood cells in the body, and increases body immunity to fight the common cold. 

    Sleep Well

    Sleeping is essential because rest is essential if you have a common cold. According to a study in the Internal Medicine Archives, sleeping enough is essential if exposed to a virus. If you sleep for eight hours for two weeks, you can stay away from viruses and problems like coughing and sneezing. People who sleep for seven hours or less increase their chances of catching a virus by 3%. A major reason is that the human body releases cytokines when sleeping for a long time. Cytokines help the body fight infection by making the immune system strong.

    Don’t Drink Alcohol

    It would help if you did not drink alcohol to stay away from the cold and flu season because alcohol damages your body’s dendritic cells. These cells are important for your immune system. If you increase alcohol consumption, exposure to viral and bacterial infections can increase several folds after some time. A study of mice has proved that dendritic cells are vital for your immune system. Alcohol intake can damage the cells in mice. When these mice are exposed to viruses, they catch them quicker than those who haven’t had alcohol. 

    Drink Green Tea

    There are many benefits of green tea when it comes to your health. There are antioxidants called flavonoids in green tea that keep your body fit. If you want to avoid the flu and cold, you should have green tea twice a day. The Journal of American Nutrition shows if you drink many cups of green tea in a day, it can cause many health benefits. If your blood pressure is low or you have a risk of cardiovascular diseases, you should have green tea for its health benefits. 

    Stay Calm

    Doctors have found after many years that there is a connection between physical illness and chronic stress. Staying calm is a way they regulate stress levels in our body and lead to better health. You can practice meditation and yoga to stay away from tension and stress. The hormone cortisol in the human body helps fight diseases and inflammation. Your overall effectiveness can decline if you stay under chronic stress for a long time. The immune system also becomes weak because of stress. 

    Be Social

    Loneliness and chronic disease can lower your immune system’s power, and several diseases begin to attack you. People who recently underwent heart surgery should be social. People who stay socially isolated have higher chances of getting the flu and cold. The stress caused by staying alone can weaken your immune system and make you more vulnerable to diseases like coughing or sneezing problems. The body cannot heal quickly, and the person becomes sicker and sicker. In the study on mice, males showed more isolation and virus attack than females.


    Apart from the ways given in the article, it would be best if you washed your hands frequently with soap and water or wiped them using an alcohol-based sanitizer. Staying at home is the best way to avoid getting sick. Try these ways and stay safe.