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How Consuming Apple Cider Vinegar Will Change Your Life

    Fruits have always been an essential part of our diet. They are full of beneficial properties that help you keep fit and healthy. Whether eaten raw or in any other form, fruits are the best source of carbs, vitamins, and fiber. When we talk about apples, they are bright-colored crunchy fruits, very good for your health. This fruit is so temptatious that even Adam and Eve could not stop themselves from consuming it. Therefore, eating apples has been in trend since the beginning of the universe. Scientists have proven that an apple a day is the best solution for curing many diseases. 

    Apple contains pectin, a unique fiber that helps in treating your gut problems. Apple Skin should not be removed before consuming it because you’ll lose the fiber/flavonoids present in them. The fiber in apples is a filler that slows down digestion and checks overeating. Apples are rich in soluble fiber that absorbs water and turns it into a gel during digestion. Removing the peel is the best way to clean apples before eating; hence it is suggested to eat it only after peeling. Despite being the ultimate source of Nutrition, apples peeled can offer many health benefits

    Health Benefits Of Apples

    • Some studies have proven that flavonoids (plant chemicals) and apple skin help protect blood vessels and heart damage. 
    • Apples are high in antioxidants and antibacterial elements; hence they help lower cholesterol and cancer cells’ growth. 
    • One medium apple possesses 25 grams of carbs, 4 grams of fiber, some sugar, antioxidants, and 100 calories to provide sufficient nutrition to your body. 
    • With all these benefits, apples are low in sodium, cholesterol, fat and high in vitamin C and fiber to strengthen your lungs, heart, bones, gut health, and the entire immune system. 
    • The fiber in Apples lessens the effect of diarrhea and constipation. 

    Apple Cider Vinegar

    People use Apple juice by adding yeast to it so that the sugar present in the fruit can turn into alcohol through fermentation. This is how apple cider vinegar is made using bacteria to give it a sour taste and tangy smell. Taking apple cider vinegar regularly can change your life. ACV is said to be in use since 400 B.C as a healing agent. It’s also used in cooking and medicines. Apple is considered very contaminated; hence, when you choose any brand of AVC, make sure that it is organic and toxin-free. ACV is a home remedy to reduce health problems and contains antioxidant or antimicrobial properties.

    • ACV is a popular (vinegar) made from fermenting apple juice. The apples are crushed and afterward squeezed to extract the juice. This juice is combined with yeast to form vinegar. Vinegar is then used in chutneys,  for preserving food, as salad dressings, and in marinades.
    • Consuming ACV in a diluted form can offer relief from arthritis pain, acne, and eczema. 
    • If you wish to cut cholesterol levels significantly and reduce the risk of stroke, consuming ACV  in proportionate amounts could be very beneficial. 
    • Studies show that consuming ACV can aid in weight loss as it promotes the feeling of fullness and stops calorie intake. . You can surprisingly eat fewer calories and lose weight by adding ACV to your regular diet. 
    • ACV  can reduce the risk of heart problems and cardiovascular disease. It can reduce cholesterol and the level of triglyceride that promotes heart disease in case they are high. 
    • Vinegar is rich in alpha-linolenic acid that can reduce high blood pressure, which leads to heart attacks and mortality. So if you are worried about your heart health, it is advisable to include ACV in your routine. 

    Some Risks May Be…

    • It’s a well-known fact that ACV is very acidic, which can damage your tooth enamel if used undiluted. Sometimes it also causes tooth erosion. Therefore, it should be used with water, and you should wash your mouth thoroughly after use. 
    • ACV leads to a delayed rate of emptying the stomach. Especially when people have Type 1 Diabetes, consumption of vinegar may increase gastroparesis or constipation. 
    • Consumption of ACV decreases appetite and calorie intake resulting in indigestion. 
    • Long-term consumption of ACV  can cause lower potassium levels and lead to poor bone health. 
    • Its consumption can be dangerous for people who take insulin as it lowers down blood sugar levels. 
    • Applying ACV directly to your skin can cause burns as it is very acidic. 
    • It can interact with some medicines and laxatives that help throw water and salt from your body. 
    • Drinking ACV can be harmful to your teeth, throat, and stomach because it is highly acidic. 
    •  There are mixed views on whether ACV can lower cancer chances because it contains a polyphenol chemical that stops cell damage. 


    Talking about apple cider vinegar probably doesn’t hurt you, so you can consume it to enhance your food taste; it’s calorie-free and offers many health benefits. But, you cannot take it for granted as a cure for all diseases. No doubt, it has nutritious value, but only if it is consumed properly and the right amount. Some top-rated heart care practitioners and websites claim that ACV is the best solution for treating diseases and enhancing your energy. Unfortunately, these claims have gained very little support. It is very safe as far as it is consumed in the correct amount. Therefore, it is suggested to include ACV in your diet by slowly increasing its quantity and enjoy considerable health benefits.