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Household Items As Props For Your Workout

    Keeping your body fit and fine should always be your top priority. Club memberships and gyms may be expensive options to avail. However, this shouldn’t stop you from achieving what you ought to, especially when it comes to your health. 

    A disciplined and routine life is the key. Also, there may be various handy objects at your home that you could easily use as fitness props if you are a little creative with the things around you. 

    So, here are some budget-cracking and super easy fitness hacks worth trying at home.


    Stairs Work Well For Cardio

    Just walking up and down the stairs at least twice a day is an excellent exercise to burn those extra calories. Gradually, you can make it a weight-resistance routine by adding some weight and carrying a backpack while working out on stairs.

    Using Old Backpacks Or Sacks

    Load yourself with a backpack or sacks to add some weight and intensity to your exercise routine. Pick up an old bag and load it with books or any other heavy stuff. Carry the same while you do your cardio. Keep adding more weights as you advance in your exercise and as much weight as you can carry. 

    Heavy Hardcover Books

    Hardcover books can help strengthen your core. All you need to do is grab an old hardbound thick book and put it on your chest while doing crunches. This will be a bit challenging as crunches are already intense to do. 

    You could also lie on your back, place your arms above your head, hold a book in your hands, and lift your shoulders off the ground using your stomach muscles. You will tension your lower abs. You can take it to the next level by increasing your challenges. Sit on a chair, bring your legs together, and stretch out, balancing a hardbound, sturdy book on your shins, now raise your legs and lower them. 

    Use A Chair For Dips

    You can use any chair for dips. Hold the corners of the seat with your hands, stretch out your legs, lower yourself down with the elbows bending down, now raise yourself back by straightening your arms. Dips work well in building triceps. Make sure that the chair is not going to slip out underneath you when you perform this routine. 

    Incline Push-ups Using A Chair

    A chair can bring a twist to the exercise routine and make it challenging. Position your hands on the seat with legs stretched out, get ready to do an incline push-up by lowering down your chest to the chair, and then lift yourself back to the starting position. Once again, ensure to place the chair in an area where it will not slip out from under you.

    Switch it up with your feet on the chair and not your hands. This way, it is a declining push-up. 

    Wall Push-Up

    It takes a wall to build your muscle strength! You indeed have walls in your house. Wall push-ups are challenging but doable at home. All you need to do is face the wall with your arms stretched out at shoulder level against the wall, keep your back away from the wall to be able to bend your arms. Now straighten them and push your back outwards. Embrace yourself as you have attempted a new and straightforward push-up while standing. 

    A Towel And A Door Handle 

    Ready for some rows? All you need is a towel and a door handle. Yes, you have got it correct! Take that towel and wrap it around the handle; now, place your feet against the door, push your back outwards, keeping your arms straight, pull your upper body towards the door, with hands touching your chest, then lower back down. 


    The super handy tools available in your home leave no room for excuses. You can’t run away, and you have all that required to workout. You don’t need to spend your energy and hard-earned money on super expensive gyms and clubs. The walls, chairs, old hardcover books, door handle, towel, and many other simple household objects can help you build muscle strength.