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Homemade Easy Pasta Sauce Recipes

    Pasta lovers! We know your love for pasta. It is so tasty and incredible in taste. It is easy to cook, and you can add different flavors to it according to your taste. Several homemade recipes are tasty and take no time. Let’s dive into the pasta world and explore different varieties of pasta with different flavors of ingredients added to it like polenta, sausages, mint, barbecue, etc.

    The main ingredient in pasta is sauce. Without it, it will not taste exciting. People who love pasta should know how to make sauce from scratch. Sauces have great taste, and it takes hours to get cooked. There are different types of sauces, and all can be prepared at home and are so easy and taste heavenly! If you are in the habit of spending much on sauces from the market, then this article will help you get rid of that habit soon.

    To prepare different types of sauce, you need a bit of time and the ingredients.


    Main Types Of Sauces-

    1. Tomato sauce
    2. Spaghetti sauce

    Let’s start with one of the easiest and the most commonly known ingredients in pasta, the tomato sauce.

    Tomato Sauce

    All You Need Is 

    • Crushed tomatoes-

    Without this, the tomato sauce pasta cannot do. This is the main ingredient to prepare the tomato sauce. You can take diced tomatoes, but it won’t work as well as the crushed ones. The consistency won’t be the same. There are different tomato brands, and also they differ in quality, thickness, and tastes. The taste of the tomato sauce also depends on the season. 

    To start with, add one-fourth cup of water, and stir if you think it requires more water, then add to it. As you cook the sauce, its texture becomes thick, and if you want a thinner sauce, you can add water and cook accordingly.

    • Onion And Garlic-

    This combination also tastes good and adds lots of flavor to the sauce. To prepare this, you need one medium-sized onion and three to five cloves of garlic. This will give it a chunky taste, which comes mainly from the right consistency of the onion. 

    There are three options to cook-

    • You can find the diced onions.
    • Put the onion in the food processor until they have formed a paste. 
    1. Butter-

    This ingredient adds a difference to the sauce. This makes the sauce more smooth and adds roundness to it. 

    • Dried Basil-

    You may not agree to this, but dried basil adds flavors to your sauce. Keep in mind that the basil you are using is fresh and pure, and one trick to know about it is, rub it between your fingers, and you’ll be able to detect a raw smell, but if you don’t smell anything, then it’s time to buy a new jar of fresh basil. 

    What Is The Cooking Time Of The Sauce?

    You’ll not believe that this sauce would be ready in just ten minutes. However, for enhanced flavor and texture, you can cook it more like up to one hour. The longer you cook, the consistency of the sauce also changes. Stir it occasionally and keep adding water if you find it necessary. 

    Add more!

    Flavors are all up to you which one to choose and which one to not. Next, add peppers, salt, and other excellent and deep flavors. You can add red pepper flakes or herbs like oregano or freshly grated parmesan after cooking. But, again, it is all up to you to add these ingredients while cooking or after.

    Trust me, and you’ll have fun cooking this sauce.

    Homemade Spaghetti Sauce Recipe

    This pasta sauce adds tastes to the pasta, is easy to cook, and tastes fantastic. After tasting this sauce, you would never say no to a spaghetti sauce. 

    The ingredients you need.

    • Beef And Onion-

    Brown the pieces of beef and sliced onions. Once it is done, you can add it into the food processor depending upon the quantity. Some people like It with big chunks of meat, while some with the smooth texture. 

    • Add Other Toppings-

    You can add toppings such as tomato sauce, herbs, salt, pepper, red chili flakes. Cook for 30 minutes to get an incredible taste of flavors. Once the flavors are blended, they will taste great!

    20 minutes

    Pasta sauce needs approximately twenty minutes to get fully cooked. The one sauce which can be prepared within 20 minutes is the marinara sauce. It has a depth of flavors that are ready to be tossed with pasta, and they all together taste so good. 

    To prepare this sauce, you need almost the same ingredients as before, the onions, peeled or sliced into small pieces, four garlic cloves, and the Marzano whole tomato, then accordingly, you can add other toppings if you wish. 


    For pasta lovers, sauces are love, especially when they can be quickly cooked at home ahead of time. They do not require any extra effort, and you can cook them with readily available ingredients. Try these two pasta sauces and taste the magic!