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How To Make Your Home A Healthier Environment

    Are you looking for ways to make your home a Healthier Environment? There’s no denying that our homes have the potential to either positively or negatively affect our health. Even if you may not be able to see it, the truth is that indoors can harbor allergens and other unhealthy elements without proper upkeep and attention, not just from dirt and grime but even items like carpets, drapery, furniture, bedding, and more.

    Luckily, anyone can take easy steps to ensure their living space is as healthy as possible. This article will cover all the basics of creating a healthier home environment for you and your family, so get ready for some great tips!

    The Benefits Of Making Your Home A Healthier Environment

    Healthier Environment

    Making your home a healthier environment can be beneficial in many ways! When you create an atmosphere in your home that promotes healthy lifestyles, it provides the necessary foundation for growth and well-being. It can improve overall mental health, allowing us to think clearly and relax better by incorporating mindfulness activities such as yoga or meditation. Also, fostering a healthier home environment can reduce physical illnesses and allergies, making the space free of contaminants.

    Having control over how our homes are managed is one way to ensure that everyone living inside feels safe and comfortable while being productive. A healthier home also sets an excellent example for children to develop healthy habits early on, which ultimately builds life-long beneficial practices. All in all, investing in a healthier home greatly pays off overall!

    How To Make Your Home a Healthier Environment

    Now that you know how beneficial it can be to make your home a healthier environment let’s dive into the best ways to go about it. Below are a few of the top tips to help you get started:

    Air Purifying Plants

    Healthier Environment

    One of the most effective strategies for creating a healthier home environment is to add natural air-purifying plants. Certain varieties of plants can filter out toxins like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide while also releasing oxygen into our living spaces. Where required, they can supplement or replace more costly air conditioning systems and provide a much safer, chemical-free alternative to purify the air.

    Not only will your home be cleaner and fresher, but by adding some greenery to your space, you’ll also be doing wonders for your mental health. Research indicates that even a single plant can reduce stress levels significantly, improve productivity, increase focus and concentration, and uplift moods. When it comes to making your home healthier, investing in one or two air-purifying plants may be the best decision this year!

    Take Off Your Shoes At The Door

    Healthier Environment

    Taking off your shoes at the door and leaving them there can make a big difference in your and your family’s health. This simple practice prevents dirt and other contaminants from spreading inside the home every time someone steps foot in the house, protecting flooring and furniture from damage and wear while reducing the buildup of bacteria that can lead to illness.

    Additionally, if you have allergies to dust or pollen, not wearing your shoes indoors can significantly reduce allergens in the home by keeping them out. Making taking off your shoes at the door a habit has many benefits, making it a key part of creating a healthier environment inside your home.

    Avoid Chemical-Based Products

    Healthier Environment

    Creating a healthier home environment is essential to your family’s well-being. From cleaning supplies and personal care items to household textiles and building materials, many household products have chemicals like phthalates, formaldehyde, flame retardants, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and chlorine can cause negative health effects when inhaled or touched. Of all the ways to improve your home’s air and water quality, avoiding chemical-based products may be one of the simplest yet most effective techniques.

    To reduce the presence of these toxic chemicals in your home and keep your family safe from their risk, always check product labels for information on chemical content before purchase and opt for cleaner products with natural ingredients whenever possible.

    Clean Carpets Regularly

    Healthier Environment

    Clean carpets can have an incredibly positive effect on the health of your home. Not only does regular vacuuming help remove dust and environmental allergens, but it also keeps carpets looking great – which can help to improve the overall atmosphere of a room. By cleaning carpets regularly, you can avoid potential pollutants from becoming trapped in the fibers of a carpet, improving indoor air quality and helping everyone in your home breath easier.

    It is also important to remember that carpets should be deep cleaned using steam or shampoo at least once a year for maximum benefit. Doing this will help kill any bacteria lingering on the surface and leave your home feeling cleaner, healthier, and more inviting.

    Get A Water Filter

    Healthier Environment

    Consider adding a water filter to your routine to create a healthier home environment. Not only does filtered water taste better, but it also significantly reduces the number of contaminants in your drinking water. By installing a filter pitcher or reverse osmosis system, you can drastically reduce the amount of chlorine and other potentially harmful compounds that make their way into your cups and glasses.

    Look for systems certified by organizations such as NSF International or the Water Quality Association. Doing research ahead of time to determine which system is right for you will give you peace of mind knowing that every sip of your home’s water is clean and safe.

    Change Your Air Filters

    Healthier Environment

    Ongoing research into the impact of air quality on our health has led to a greater need for homeowners to consider their air filters when establishing a healthier environment in the home. Changing air filters may seem like an insignificant task compared to larger home improvements, but it is one of the most effective things you can do to ensure healthy indoor air.

    Not only are dirty filters bad for your heating and cooling units, but they can also encourage the growth of dust mites, mold particles, and allergens which cause symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, and coughing. Even if you are not allergic or asthmatic, it’s wise to keep up with regular filter changes – regardless of what type of filtering system your home uses – so that you and your family can enjoy cleaner air all year round for good health.

    Burn Soy Candles

    Healthier Environment

    Creating a healthy environment in your home is an important part of living a balanced and holistic lifestyle. Although it may seem small, burning soy candles can greatly impact the air quality in your space. Traditional paraffin candles are composed mostly of petroleum and other synthetic key components, which are extremely toxic and can severely damage your indoor air quality, potentially causing respiratory and cardiovascular irritation.

    Burning all-natural soy wax candles reduce the emission of dangerous toxins like benzene which would otherwise be present in concentrations high enough to be detrimental to human health. Soy candles also burn longer than traditional paraffin or beeswax-based candles so that you can enjoy natural warmth, increased energy efficiency, and an overall healthier environment for yourself, family, and friends for hours on end.

    Deep Declutter With Every New Season

    Healthier Environment

    Change is in the air, not just in the weather but in all aspects of life. One great way to jumpstart change for a healthier home is to deep declutter with every new season. Decluttering does not just mean organizing and tidying the rooms and surfaces in your home, but also taking an inventory of all that you have: food, beauty products, furniture, and anything you might not need or use anymore should be donated or thrown away if needed.

    It may seem daunting and time-consuming at first, but the benefits of having a deeply decluttered space are clear: less visual stimulation and stress on our eyes, minds, and bodies while using your living environment as a tool to help focus on what truly matters most. The refreshing feeling of starting anew with less clutter will inevitably give you clarity on what matters most in life and make your home environment much healthier and happier.

    Use These Tips For Achieving A Healthier Home!

    In conclusion, you can take many small steps to make a big difference in your home’s overall health and well-being. By using these tips for achieving a healthier home, you can improve your family’s quality of life by creating an environment that is not only comfortable but also clean and safe. Whether it means changing filters, decluttering your space, or burning soy candles, you’ll be well on your way to a happier and healthier home!​