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Foods You Should Keep In The Pantry

    Whether you want to pile up your food storage for emergency use or satisfy your cravings, you should have long-term food storage staples that have a more extended expiration date or last forever. Your cabinet will be your rescuer in cases of emergencies or when you want to satisfy your hunger. Instead of thinking about what to make for dinner or lunch, you can easily combine the stored staple food to make some new cuisine. When you stock up long-term food staples, you also stock up life insurance that will help you survive emergency conditions. Here are some of the top long-term food storage staples that last forever and which you need to pile in your kitchen cabinet. 

    Potatoes, Onion, And Garlic

    You will never regret piling up stocks of potatoes, onions, and garlic. They last longer, and their combination can make delicious dishes topped with spicy. Don’t you remember the movie Martian, where he survived on mars only eating potatoes? Potatoes are one of the oldest staple foods known to provide nourishment. Modified leaves or onions readily blend well with other ingredients. Garlic can give you the flavor finch you need and can also be stored for a longer time without the need for a refrigerator. 

    Canned Fruits & Veggies

    Canned and processed food are known to last longer and have been used since World War I due to their ease of piling and lack of storage requirements. All you need is a can opener, and voila, you have our food. However, you can store canned fruits and canned vegetables in your kitchen cabinet for a longer time. For instance, popular canned products include canned tomatoes and canned pineapples. If you are forgetful about the things you stock and find canned fruit at the back of your fridge, it is 100% safe to eat. However, if the can doesn’t withstand its shape or is opened, then it is unsafe. 

    Corn Starch, Oil, And Rice

    Corn starch, oil, and rice have a good shelf life. Corn starch can last for many years, provided it’s packed well and safe from rodents. Additionally, you can make thick soup with cornstarch and other patties with oil. 

    Furthermore, olive oil has a longer life and should be stored in a dark place. Oil is one of the essential foods you need to store in the kitchen as it has multiple uses. It also lasts long, which makes it an ideal choice. Furthermore, olive oil has a longer life and should be stored in a dark place. Furthermore, olive oil has a longer life and should be stored in a dark place. Furthermore, olive oil has a longer life and should be stored in a dark place. Additionally, rice grains can also last for years and require minimal maintenance. 

    Dark Chocolate

    If you have a frequent craving for chocolate, then you should go with dark chocolate. Firstly, it doesn’t have many calories or sugar content. Dark chocolate at room temperature can last for about two years. However, there is sad news for milk chocolate lovers as it only lasts for roughly a year. You can survive an apocalypse with dark chocolate rather than milk chocolate.

    Herbs, Spices, And Sauce

    Herbs and spices are the essential components of your kitchen. If your kitchen is not stocked with herbs and spices, it is an incomplete one. They are essential in every dish that you prepare. They can last longer in an air-tight container and don’t require additional space. Furthermore, herbs & spices can be best used for about three years; it loses their potency. Lastly, you will not regret stocking up sauces as they are frequently required in your cooking adventures and can last for up to five years, give or take. 


    You can store grains like barley, quinoa, and flax seeds more efficiently, lasting for up to eight years. They are healthy and nutritious and a must-have component in your kitchen. For best storage results, store the grains in air-tight containers. It is worth investing in bulk quantities of grain sacks as it lasts longer. For best storage results, store the grains in air-tight containers. 

    Sugar & Lemons

    Sugar can last forever provided it’s stored in a dark place, air-tight, sealed, and not wet. The shelf life of sugar decreases when it comes in contact with water. Hence, beware of storing sugar and look for places where water cannot affect the storage set-up. Lemons can last for up to 4 weeks in the refrigerator. They are refreshers, and a dash of it can liven up your dish. Hence, don’t forget to stock up on lemons.


    Did you know that processed oats can last for more than a year? It makes an excellent choice as a long-term staple. It also provides good nutrient value. Oats are healthy and have a long shelf life; it’s the best combination of food you’ll ever get. Additionally, oats can last longer when they are stored in an air-tight container in a dark place. 

    Baking Powder And Yeast

    If you love baking, then this is some good news for you. Baking powder and yeast can last for a more extended period. This, combined with refined flour, which also has a good shelf life, will help you sustain your baking adventures without shopping again. You can bake a cake, add some fresh almonds, and voila, your cravings for baked products are satisfied. You can also bake bread which will go well with peanut butter and jams.

    Dried Pasta

    Food experts suggest that sealed dried pasta can last up to two years in the pantry. Therefore, storing them in bulk won’t harm your investment. It goes well with mixed herbs and spices. Additionally, you can add some shrimp or chicken and make a delicious gourmet meal. 

    Dried Peas & Dried Fruits

    Dried peas can almost last forever in your lifetime. However, their shelf life depends on their exposure to oxygen. In an oxygenated environment, dried peas won’t last long. However, you can easily buy canned, dried peas or make your own. You can make multiple dishes with dried peas, and it goes well with potatoes as a side dish. A great combo and dishes with peas can be instantly prepared. Additionally, you can store dried fruits like walnuts and cashews for up to three months, and crushed dried fruits go well in deserts and your baking adventures at home.


    Well, stocking up these food products will help you cut down your trips to the market. There are other such staple foods that you can store for a longer time. Furthermore, if you wish to increase the shelf life of food like beef, storing it in the refrigerator can help you keep it for five to six months. The same applies to pizza, eggs, and more.

    However, remember that they don’t last long if you want to include fresh vegetables like spinach. Sprinkling some water on fresh leafy vegetables and storing it in the fridge can give you a day or two. There have been various tactics for long-term food storage since ancient times. Stock up these food products, and you are good to go for a whole year. A quarantine will no longer affect you.