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Counter Inflammation With These Drinks

    Anti-inflammatory drinks are the best solution for managing muscle and stomach pain. You can easily make them at any time of the day without feeling lethargic. You need a blender and a strainer to easily make these perfect anti-inflammatory drinks at home, with additional benefits of free radical fighting components and overall wellness.

    Apple Carrot Beet Smoothie

    Apple carrot beet smoothie is a great way to intake veggies in the form of a drink. Its high antioxidant properties help detox your body with a delicious combination of carrots, ginger, apple, beets, and oranges.

    The best way to consume the smoothie is during the morning with an empty stomach. 

    Additional Benefits 

      • Immunity booster
      • Keep heart and eyes healthy
      • Purifies your blood
      • It helps in losing weight 
      • Good detox 

    Turmeric Tea

    The soothing and warm blend of honey, ground turmeric, and lemon do wonders to your body. Turmeric tea offers excellent relief to body aches and inflamed digestive tract.

    Additional benefits 

      • Helps to manage irritable bowel syndrome 
      • Protects against liver damage
      • Helpful in preventing diabetes 
      • Helpful in reducing cardiovascular conditions 
      • Immunity booster
      • It helps in reducing arthritis symptoms

    Green Juice

    As the name suggests, green juice is the super green recipe with a blend of cucumber, spinach, ginger, and keel. The addition of apple juice makes it a delightful drink, and it is not sour.

    Additional benefits 

      • Improves digestion 
      • Reduces inflammation 
      • Immunity booster
      • Helpful in losing weight
      • Healthier nails, skin, and hair
      • Anti-aging properties 
      • Improves joint and bone function

    Pineapple Turmeric Smoothie

    The sunshine smoothie is all that you need for a brighter day. Loaded with anti-inflammatory components along with various vitamins and nutrients is worth having. 

    Additional benefits 

      • Aids digestion
      • Cleans the body gently 
      • Anticancer and antioxidant properties 
      • Immunity booster 

    Blueberry Smoothie

    Here comes the sweetest, luscious creamy smoothie with healthy antioxidants. Make your breakfast delicious with a protein smoothie to stabilize blood sugar levels and promote fullness.

    Additional benefits 

      • Alleviates inflammation 
      • Keeps heart healthy
      • High in antioxidants properties
      • Helps to boost brain health
      • Support indigestion

    Jammu Juice

    To keep your body balanced and refreshing, Jammu juice is a perfect breakfast choice for you. It is a traditional healing tonic from Indonesia. Jammu juice is made by blending ginger, turmeric, water and lemon, and adding honey as a natural sweetener. 

    Additional benefits 

      • Amazing anti-inflammatory properties 
      • Naturally detoxes kidneys and liver
      • Boosts indigestion 
      • High antioxidants properties

    Ginger Shots

    To get your immunity fixed easily within a day, ginger shots are the best juice for you. Add ginger, coconut water, cayenne pepper, and lemon together to make an immunity booster juice in just 5minutes. 

    Additional benefits 

      • Soothes digestive problems 
      • Treats nausea 
      • Helpful in weight loss 
      • Treats Chronic indigestion 
      • Reduces menstrual pain 

    Elderberry Tea

    Elderberry is a critical component in flu and cold medicine due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Make a cup of tea by brewing it with a pinch of ground cinnamon and a spoonful of honey.

    Additional benefits 

      • High nutrients 
      • Good for heart health
      • It helps to fight cancer
      • Helps in reducing blood sugar level

    Golden Milk

    Turmeric milk or golden milk is a classic source of anti-inflammation. In addition, it is beneficial for digestive health. The Indian traditional drink has gained a broad appreciation for its immune booster and staves off illness components.

    Additional benefits 

      • Reduces joint pain
      • Improves memory and brain function
      • Protects against chronic diseases
      • Has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties
      • Contributes to strong bones

    Golden Beet, Carrot, And Turmeric Smoothie

    The vibrant smoothie is made of carrot, turmeric, and golden beet. It has healing properties for your gut, fights inflammation, and improves vision.

    Additional benefits 

      • Improves skin health
      • Incredibly antioxidant properties
      • Improves cardiovascular system
      • Great detox 

    Apple Cider Vinegar Drink 

    Apple cider vinegar drink does wonders for your body health. The drink is sweet and spiced, with a blend of honey, apple cider vinegar, lemon, and ginger. Apple cider vinegar and lemons help to speed up the digestive tract.

    Additional benefits 

      • Reduces cholesterol 
      • Aids to weight loss
      • Improves symptoms of diabetes 
      • Lower blood sugar level


    Suppose you are unable to complete your daily life activities due to recurring muscle and stomach pain. In that case, you need to get started with drinks that will relieve you from pain and boost your energy for a healthy lifestyle. Drinks mentioned above can be made easily at home without queuing in long lines and high prices in shops. I hope you have a healthy drink every day during breakfast, made just within 5 minutes.