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Best Ways To Counter Anxiety

    Life is all about balancing job or jobs, bills, family, friends, and the pressure of performing well in all areas. This specific and undue pressure can eventually turn anyone into an anxious individual. However, it’s a common phenomenon nowadays to work till late at night. Life is not simple anymore in this competitive world. You are among the thousands of people who suffer anxiety, stress, and tension. Sometimes you don’t even know that you are stressed. 

    Anxiety disorders are common mental illnesses in the United States, affecting approximately 40 million adults. However, anti-anxiety medicines can only lessen your anxiety for the short term and have side effects. Decreased libido, trouble sleeping, jumpiness, and increased hunger are common signs of treating anxiety with drugs. The good news, instead of popping pills to get your nerves to calm down, many practical and simple ways are available to combat stress without taking medications.

    Make A Routine For Sleep

    Many people have tight work schedules; hence they don’t get adequate time to rest and sleep. Humans are not machines; they require proper rest and at least seven to eight hours of sleep to function well. Insomnia is a disease where you can’t sleep; in that case, you better take the help of medical experts. Workaholics need to think twice about their health first; otherwise, lesser sleep can adversely impact their overall health.

    Make a habit of reading a book or listening to soothing music to relax your system entirely before going to bed. Switch off all the electronic devices, and sleep at least eight to nine hours every night. Preparation of sleep makes your body and nervous system calm and get a good night’s sleep. Quality night sleep is crucial for improving your health.

    Be Assertive To Say No

    One should be helpful to people around, but excess responsibility tires you at times. Learning to say no gently is a skill. Everyone has 24 hours a day to complete the household chores or official work, and therefore you have a time and energy constraint. It’s good to listen to others’ problems and help them, but when needed to say no, you should say no. Such assertiveness of your character will prevent you from unnecessary stress and anxiety.

    Speak Your Heart Out

    Sharing your concerns and worries with a trustworthy friend is a better way to deal with your anxiety. However, shouting it out is all the better. Let your inside voice come out at its peak. A good way of venting out all the frustration is shouting. Do it in a closed room, cry your lungs out, pound your chest, stomp your feet, or punch a pillow. You’ll be surprised to know a Los Angeles-based yoga trainer has introduced Tantrum Yoga to release all the pent-up emotions that constructively block our energies.

    Go For A Walk Or Exercise

    Walking or exercising is one of the best ways of releasing all the anxiety as exercise releases a happy hormone called dopamine, and you instantly feel good. However, physical activity shifts your energy.  As a result, you feel better and look better. It would help if you worked out for a minimum of 30 minutes every day for better results. Dancing is also a good exercise and a great stress buster, so put on your favorite music and get into your favorite dance move or a yoga pose.

    Don’t Skip Meals

    Anxiety can cause nausea, which results in vomiting, and eating food is just next to impossible. Omitting meals can make anxiety even more horrible. Your blood sugar level declines when you don’t eat. As a result, a stress hormone gets released called cortisol. If you are prone to anxiety, cortisol can help you perform better under stress and anxiety episodes.

    Including fruits, vegetables, more lean proteins, and healthy fats in the diet can help in improving mental health. Sugar rush can cause anxiety disorders like shaking and nervousness; even an all-out panic attack can happen. Hence, it is better to take good care of yourself, control anxiety issues efficiently, and not skip meals.

    Drink A Cup Of Coffee Or Tea

    Consider drinking hot chocolate, cold/hot coffee, or tea. When you are stressed, your energy level goes down; caffeine jolts your nervous system and boosts your energy, so don’t forget to grab yourself a cut of hot coffee. However, if you are hypertensive, you might want to switch to herbal tea or reduce your caffeine intake, as that may have a reverse impact on your nervous system. In addition, excess caffeine intake adversely impacts health.


    There is no quick-fix formula to tackle anxiety disorders, and symptoms vary individually as the trigger point is also different. However, you can manage your symptoms by increasing awareness of the causes of your symptoms and taking help from your doctor. Above all, one of the best ways is to often meet friends and loved ones and talk it out. Your heart and mind are not a dump yard to keep tension and stress; let the anxiety and stress vent out and feel free. Finally, you can efficiently manage anxiety and stress by taking good care of your body and mind through regular exercise and nourishing food.