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9 Ways To Feel Better In The Morning

    Are you one of the people that absolutely dread getting out of bed in the morning? Waking up can be hard enough, but when you’re faced with a horrible day ahead, it’s twice as bad. You might feel sluggish and even more tired than if you had gone to sleep early the previous night. This happens to so many people, and it can be hard to get through the day without feeling like you’re just not cut out for this. Here are some tips that might help you feel better in the morning.

    Get Quality Sleep Every Night

    Your mood is closely connected to the amount of sleep you get every night. If you stay up late or don’t sleep well, your body will feel exhausted and drained throughout the entire day. Something as simple as a warm glass of milk before you go to bed can make a massive difference in terms of how you feel when you wake up – it’s much healthier than drinking soda or eating sweets at night. And remember – it takes two hours for your body to fall asleep after going to bed, so don’t start anything important shortly beforehand!

    Drink A Glass Of water

    At first, this may seem like an odd idea, but it does work. You need water to stay hydrated, and being dehydrated can make you feel awful. Drinking a glass of water in the morning might be enough to give you some energy before you even start your day! If this doesn’t help or if it makes you feel more sluggish, try drinking warm milk instead. It has the same benefits as water, plus added protein content that will keep you full for longer.

    Stretch When You Wake Up

    A lot of people find that they wake up in a very stiff position. This can be uncomfortable and might keep you from wanting to stand up or do anything at all. Try doing some simple stretches when you wake up. It will warm your muscles, which might make it easier to get going for the day ahead. Start with a little yoga if you’re not used to stretching – there are tons of great instructional videos on YouTube that will help you ease into it.

    Avoid Coffee & Energy Drinks

    If you’re dead-set on trying to feel happier in the morning (or any other time of day), make sure you avoid coffee or energy drinks! They might help you wake up quickly, but they’ll only make you more exhausted throughout the rest of the day. Try drinking some herbal tea instead; it will taste better and won’t overstimulate you as caffeine does. It’s also much healthier for your body to give up that extra latte or can of energy drink every morning, so try making the switch gradually if need be.

    Eat A Healthy Breakfast

    An easy way to feel better in the morning is to eat a healthy breakfast. Oatmeal is an incredibly nutritious meal with lots of protein and fiber, which means you’ll stay full for longer. Or try making a fruit smoothie – they’re very quick to make and are quite refreshing if your body isn’t used to getting nutrients this early in the day. If that’s too much effort on working days, just take some fruit or nuts with you on the train, car, or bus.

    Don’t Have Sugar Until Lunch

    The excess sugar in your diet can lead to mood swings and tiredness, making it even harder to get out of bed. Sugar can give you a quick boost in energy but will leave you feeling worse later; it’s better to cut all sugar from your breakfast. There are lots of healthy alternatives; experiment with recipes if you want to make something new for yourself. If you’re used to eating sweet snacks for breakfast or on the way to work, try giving them up until lunchtime (or even later). You won’t believe how much better you’ll feel without them!

    Get Some Exercise

    Exercise isn’t just good for your body – it’s also great for your mind. You can ease tension and stress and give yourself more energy to get through the day by working out every morning. Doing something as simple as running, yoga or Pilates can be enough to make you feel better in the long run without overloading you with too much physical exertion. Just try something that works for you; there are lots of instructional videos online if you don’t know where to start.

    Take A Cold Shower

    If all else fails, take a cold shower! This might not suit everyone – but it will wake you up quickly. It could even put a smile on your face if nothing has worked so far. This would be a great way to wake up before work or school if you can tolerate the water temperature. You might inspire your roommates/family members, too!


    Lastly, try meditation! If you can’t make yourself feel happy in the morning, the best thing you can do is relax. Meditating might seem hard at first, but it’s incredibly beneficial for your mind. Just sit in a quiet spot with your eyes closed and focus on breathing. It might take 10 minutes or an hour, depending on how much time you have – but it could change your whole day for the better if nothing else has worked so far.


    There are lots of ways to feel better in the morning. Experiment with a few different ones, and you might find that one or two suit your lifestyle! Remember, everyone is different, so it doesn’t mean it will work for you because it worked for someone else. Stay positive, and you’ll soon find something that helps. Good luck!