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Ways To Improve Your Core Strength

    When most people think about core strength, their mind immediately begins imagining a well-oiled abdominal six-pack. Well, no! Even though a six-pack looks great from the outside, this toned outer layer of your abdomen isn’t the same as having a strong core. So, what is the “core,” and why is building your core strength important? A group of muscles that stabilize and control the spine and pelvis, thereby influencing the lower and upper body, is the core. Building your core strength is less about power and more about the subtleties that allow you to maintain ideal body postures by unloading your joints and promoting ease of movement.

    Having an improved core strength makes life much easier for the average person by allowing them to sit comfortably at a desk, stand up from a chair or the ground, vacuum the house, and even lift grocery bags without complaining about back pain. For athletes, improving core strength means more efficient movement that can help prevent injuries and improve overall performance. A strong or stable core also helps boost resilience from acute injuries. Here are a few tips and ways to improve your core strength.


    Incorporating lots of protein in your diet is the key to building any muscle, and any bodybuilder will corroborate the fact that eggs are the ultimate muscle-building food. Eggs contain leucine and cholesterol, both of which have been proven to improve and enhance muscle development. So if you’re focusing on improving your core strength through exercises, it’s also critical that you pay attention to your diet and eat plenty of eggs and other types of protein.


    Crunches are one of the simplest ways to improve your core strength. Contrary to popular opinion, crunches are pretty easy to do. All you have to do is lie down on the ground while placing your feet on a wall. Now, you need to slowly lift your head and shoulders from the ground, holding this position for a minimum of three seconds. You will feel the burn in your abdominal area, which means that the exercise is actually working. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes every day to build your core strength.


    While pilate lessons are quite appealing for some, they may not be very attractive for others. However, Pilates is a fantastic way to build your core strength. Pilates focuses on balance, control, and self-discipline, enabling you to exceed your physical limitation and gain strength through a few simple exercises.


    The superman exercise is a rather popular exercise to help improve your core strength. This exercise’s benefit is that it can be done without the need for weights or any other accessories – except maybe a yoga mat. The best way to do this exercise is to picture yourself as superman while lying face-down on a yoga mat or carpeted floor –stretch your arms out in front of you and elevate them as you do so. Hold this position, and gently elevate your legs until only your stomach is touching the floor or mat. Even though it may be difficult to do at first, you’ll eventually get the hang of it, and most of all – it’s super-effective.


    A plank is a fantastic exercise that employs all your muscles and helps build core strength. Many people suggest that a plank minute seems much longer than a real minute, which couldn’t be truer. Since a plank uses your entire body strength, it cannot be easy to remain in this position for long. However, it is a fantastic way to strengthen your core.

    You should start by resting your forearms on your yoga mat, ensuring that your elbows remain right under your shoulders. Your hands must face forward so that your arms remain parallel. Maintain a neutral spine, and balance your weight on your elbows and the balls of your feet. You need to make sure that your head, hips, shoulders, ankles, and knees are properly aligned and that your spine isn’t arched. Hold this position for as long as you can while timing yourself; try to increase your plank time gradually.

       Side Plank

    As the name suggests, a side plank is a variation of the plank that helps strengthen your core’s side muscles. Start by lying on your left side with your knees out straight, and lift your body, placing your entire body weight on your right forearm and elbow. Place your left hand on your hip or in the air until it’s perpendicular to your torso, from a T shape. Make sure that your hips are raised to form a straight line from your shoulders to your ankles.

    Hold the position and repeat both sides. You can make a sliding plank tougher and more effective by raising your opposing arm or leg in the air. Beginners can make it easier for themselves by crossing their upper leg in front of their bodies for added support.


    V-sits are another very effective exercise to strengthen your core strength. To do this exercise, you must lie down in a supine position, keeping your arms, head, and feet at least 10cm off the ground. By bending your hips, you should bring your head and torso towards your legs. Remain in a neutral spine position and repeat this exercise multiple times for a few days to build your core strength.

       Bicycle Ab Crunch

    The bicycle ab crunch not only helps you get a flat tummy and builds abs, but it also helps enhance the strength of your core. To do this exercise, you must lie flat on the floor and keep your hands behind your head. Now bring your needs in towards your chest while keeping your shoulder blades off the ground. You must gradually straighten your left leg to a 45° angle while turning your body to the right, allowing your left elbow to touch your right knee. Remember to switch sides and do equal reps of both sides.

    Remember that building your core strength is not only about the aesthetics of your body; it rather focuses on making your abdomen, back, and torso strong so that you can perform day-to-day activities more easily.