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Top Exercise Equipment From Amazon

    Being healthy is always an investment that saves you in the long run. And what is better than losing those extra pounds and building fine muscles in the comfort of our homes?

    The lockdown has shifted the focus to more friendly yet equally engaging workout equipment. With the access to gyms refrained and going out became a risky mission, the workout equipment you can use at home has become all the rage.

    These simple and easy to handle equipment engage your core to give equal benefits compared to your workout at the gym. So, check out this list of top ten exercise equipment that you should buy from Amazon to bring your gym home!


    Fitness Tracker

    A fitness tracker that monitors your every step and every calorie is a must-have for all exercise enthusiasts. A tracker helps you to analyze, record, and plan for the future how your exercise should go about and what activities are giving you the result you want. Nowadays, all the fitness trackers come equipped with calling capabilities, messaging, alarms, and the general tracker.

    What To Buy: Fitbit Charge 4 Fitness and Activity Tracker

    Striking Features: Includes a built-in GPS, a tracker that lets you know when you reach your target heart rate, syncs with an extensive range of handset devices.

    Price Range: $145.99. Also, buy bands compatible with the Fitbit that allows you to match your tracker with your gym-wear.

    Pull Up Bar For Your Doorway

    These pull-up bars are a perfect fit for you if you are into weight and resistance training. Use your body weight as the resistance and build your muscles up with these super affordable bars that can fit right onto your doorway frames. With a minimalistic design and widespread usage, the designs are simple and easy to install, giving you a wholesome upper-body workout.

    What To Buy: Doeplex Pull-up Bar For The Doorway

    Striking Features: Easy assembly with no screws, can be used for push-ups and crunches too. Their thoughtful design does not strain the hand muscles giving a better grip on the bars.

    Price Range: $59.99

    Medicine Ball

    If you don’t want to invest in bulky goods or are not fond of hanging, then these resistance balls might be the right fit for you. The medicine balls refer to the sturdy weighted balls that form resistance as you do a range of exercises with them. These are much more affordable than your annual gym subscription and, if used right, can help you have strength training and improve muscular coordination.

    What To Buy: Yes4all Slam Balls

    Striking Features: Designed to last long in all rough terrains, filled with sand to increase weight, does not bounce off.

    Price Range: $35.31


    Another form of resistance training, here the dumbells act as your resistance. You might not collect the high weighing ones, owing to the space constraints and price. However, you can look out for them on the website. However, if you are new to strength training, then using these might be a good idea.

    What To Buy: Yes4All Adjustable Dumbells

    Striking Features: Four plates of two different weights each, durable, easy to use, and store.

    Price range: $78.68

    Resistance Bands

    Want some super-light workout essential? Then try these resistance bands that can accompany you anywhere you go so that you never leave your exercise behind. These come in varying degrees of resistance that help you to do weight training. Or you can also use it as an add-on with your other exercise routine or rehabilitation.

    What To Buy: Whatafit Resistance Bands Set

    Striking Features: Add vibrant colors to your bag, excellent elasticity to train, and a convenient pouch to take them on the go.

    Price Range: $29.99

    Jump Rope

    Indulge in this fun-filled rope jumping session to give your body high-intensity interval training. Jumping ropes is an easy and fun way to keep yourself healthy and active and increase your heart rates. 

    What To Buy: Fretree Jump Rope

    Striking Features: Durable and easily portable

    Price Range: $5.99 

    Indoor Cycling

    Cycling is delightful, especially when the weather is just perfect. But in an unprecedented time, enjoy the bliss of cycling and burn the pounds simultaneously. Indoor cycling is a great way to spend leisure time in-home on some extreme workout for your legs, heart, and in turn, your whole body. It is a low-impact workout, with fewer chances of injury and accidents.

    What To Buy:  Yasuda Indoor Cycling Stationary Bike

    Striking Features: Heavy-duty frame giving you support, adjustable seat and pedals, and an LCD monitor 

    Price Range: $288.99

    Rowing Machine

    A high-intensity workout, rowing gives your whole body a workout. You can use it to do high-intensity interval training, engaging your upper body, abdomen, and your limbs. Cardio also helps to improve the health of your heart.

    What To Buy: Sunny Health And Fitness

    Striking Features: Compact and foldable, monitor your progress, and 16 levels for you to raise your bar gradually.

    Price Range: $209.98

    Yoga Mat

    Want to try some low-intensity and calming exercise that won’t leave you sweating and gasping for air? Try yoga.

    Yoga holds in itself the beautiful forms to give your mind and body an exercise to relieve stress and pain. Though to perform them, you won’t need anything apart from a sound knowledge of the poses, and an efficient yoga mat will help you complement your workout.

    What To Buy: Letsfit Yoga Mat

    Striking Features: Thick, anti-slip, durable, easy to carry.

    Price Range: $27.99

    Foam Roller

    Relieve your tired and aching muscles with these rollers. It is impossible to stay clear of soreness and muscle pain when you begin exercising. Even with a lot of care, things happen. The foam rollers are an excellent way to ease the pain and expand the motion of your joints. If you have no prior knowledge, it is better to understand the basics to do things right.

    What To Buy: TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller

    Striking Features: Textured exterior, hollow core, durable

    Price Range: $80.97


    Have an excellent workout in the coziness of your home. With this equipment by your side, you don’t have excuses to keep away from a daily dose of exercise. Make it enjoyable with exercises and activities that you like to perform.



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