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Top 10 Aerobic Exercises For Weight Loss

    Aerobic exercise, primarily known as fat-burning or cardiovascular exercise, is a balanced motion of more than one muscle group in the body. Aerobic exercises are also known as fat-burning exercises because of their potential to use fat over carbohydrates as a boost to keep you moving during a workout.


    Walking for 150 minutes per week or walking for 10 minutes at a time is an effective method. You can keep a tab on the steps you take each day with the help of a tracker. Set your goal for a day on a tracker and start with your base. Then after a few days, increase your steps for several weeks. If your goal is to walk 5000 to 10,000 steps a day, then after two to three days, increase these steps by more than 500 to 1000. Walking is an effective way to burn fat and for weight loss.

    Jogging or Running

    Jogging or running is said to be a higher-intensity method compared to walking. It is an efficient and high-impact way to improve cardiorespiratory fitness and lose body fat.

    Running has many benefits, like burning a higher number of calories, stimulating the metabolic rate for a long time, etc. Running could be considered as Jogging is a higher-intensity aerobic exercise. During jogging or running, we involve all of our lower bodies on a much larger scale.

    It works specifically in the hip flexors, quadriceps, hamstrings, and calves muscles and provides a great lower body workout. Jogging also provides an additional calorie-burning effect because there is also a movement of arms.


    Cycling is a low-impact aerobic exercise that strengthens your leg muscles, burns some serious calories, increases your heart health, and gives you a chance to take fresh air and vitamin D.

    You can also take an indoor cycling class or ride a stationary bike, which will work just like regular Cycling. Cycling classes are created to be challenging workouts that can be estimated based on your fitness level. According to experts, Cycling for 45 minutes could burn 600 calories.

    Weight Training

    Weight training is the perfect aerobic exercise for burning calories and losing weight. It helps you burn more calories during and after your workout and builds muscle, boosting your resting metabolic rate. Also, researchers have shown that the body remains to burn calories many hours after a weight-training exercise. Also, weight training promotes muscle growth.


    Swimming burns a high number of calories and provides an excellent total body workout. Swimming’s common freestyle stroke will work great for most people, but if possible, use various strokes to emphasize different muscle groups; this difference will help burn more calories.

    Swimming is a great aerobic exercise for many reasons like:

      • Decreasing the risk of injury is the lowest impact of all the other aerobic methods.
      • Works on all the body’s main muscle groups.
      • Improves athletic and fitness performance.
      • Helping with fat loss
      • Burn a large number of calories


    It is a great weight loss exercise that you can do anywhere. It also teaches you how to resist food cravings, along with burning calories. It offers many extra health benefits that can promote weight loss, along with burning a fair amount of calories. Studies have shown that yoga, aside from burning calories, can teach mindfulness, help you resist extra junk and unhealthy foods, and control overeating. With the help of yoga, you will notice the serious controlling hunger for junk food. You can practice yoga anywhere, as there are various tutorials you can find online or join a yoga class.


    Pilates is an excellent beginner-friendly exercise that helps you lose weight and improve other sections of your physical fitness, like strength, balance, endurance, and flexibility. Pilates may not burn as many calories as other aerobic exercises but, eventually, help get a flat stomach and strengthen your inner core. Pilates exercises for 90 minutes 3 times a week significantly reduced stomach, waist, and hip edge.

    Pilates has been shown to improve your balance, strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall fitness level and reduce back pain.

    Jumping Rope

    Jumping rope is the best cardio exercise for burning calories and weight loss. It not only burns calories but also helps stimulate strength in your legs, builds bone density, and keeps the heart healthy and strong. You can burn more calories just by jumping rope than by running for a mile.

    Jumping rope is also an excellent method of plyometric workouts. In this workout, you keep your feet off the ground. These exercises get your heart in a healthy condition and burn calories effectively and quickly. Other forms of plyometrics exercises include:

      • Split jumps
      • Jumping jacks
      • Box jumps

    High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

    High-Intensity training, also known as Interval training, is an effective weight loss procedure that can be applied to many aerobic exercises, including running, jumping, cycling, etc. Using HIIT in your routine activities can help you burn more calories in less time. An interval training workout lasts ten to twenty minutes and can lose more weight and burn many calories. Study shows that HIIT burns 25 to 30% more calories per minute than other types of exercises, which means interval training can help you burn more calories in less time.

    Moreover, many studies have shown that HIIT is particularly effective at burning belly fat, which is connected to many chronic diseases.


    Dancing, or its type Zumba is a fun choice for aerobic exercise. You can find all kinds of dance classes at dance studios and gyms. Go for modern dances like hip-hop or jazz. Your instructor will instruct you to go through easy-to-follow dance moves after a warm-up. Drink enough water throughout the class, while you can always take a break and rejoin afterward. Zumba dance improves coordination, balances your entire body, and may help relieve stress, which is why it is beneficial for heart health. Wear proper shoes during the class to decrease the risk of any injury.

    Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

      • Within a few months, you’ll notice a significant drop in your weight with aerobic exercises.
      • Aerobic exercises are concerned with protecting your heart from various diseases.
      • These exercises tend to burn more calories and reduce weight in just a few months.
      • Aerobic exercise includes other benefits like decreased mental health problems like stress, anxiety, and depression.
      • These exercises boost your mood and stamina by working out regularly.


    Aerobic exercises burn more calories and help you lose weight, like Jogging, running, walking, Cycling, weight training, Swimming, Yoga, interval training, Pilates, etc. These exercises have many benefits and boost your stamina and confidence. Choose a routine that you can easily do and give you the result that you desire.