Signs Your Lungs Are Gasping For Air

In today’s world, fresh air is becoming a rare commodity. This means more than ever; individuals should pay attention to their lungs and the signs provided when all is not well. As it turns out, several of the signs are very easily dismissed. However, if the individual pays close attention, they may save their lives. Following are few symptoms which may signal the need for a deep breath of fresh air.

Back & Shoulder Pain

Even though it is considered an uncommon symptom, shoulder, back, and even chest pain could signal the start of lung cancer. If detected in the initial phase, the likelihood of treating it is higher if the pain lingers and is stronger than the typical back pain. Or the individual experiences it frequently, an appointment with a health care provider is recommended.


Coughing could be pinpointing something straightforward, such as a common cold. However, it could also be a sign of chronic disease; this highlights the importance of understanding the distinguishing characteristics of various coughs. Sub-acute and acute coughs may indicate lung cancer, particularly in association with other signs such as coughing up bodily fluids, specifically blood.

Shortness Of Breath

Shortness of breath is mainly a result of lung and heart conditions, such as allergies and asthma. If individuals are experiencing such symptoms, it would be a great idea to alter their surroundings. Try getting them away from the city for a couple of days, or attempt a more effective exercise regimen. Ensure to contact the health care provider if the individual is experiencing shortness of breath frequently.

Yellow Eyes & Skin

This is normally referred to as jaundice and could be an easily neglected condition. However, it is very vital since it is a direct indicator that the liver is under duress. This pressure could be a result of lung cancer. Jaundice is an issue that turns the skin yellow. It also impacts the white of the eye, transforming it to a pale yellow. If the disease is acute, the eyes will turn dark yellow.

Lack Of Energy

Individuals feeling tired from time to time is quite typical. Stress or sleep deprivation could be the result of being tired. However, if the individual has an abnormal feeling of tiredness frequently, plus the cough does not dissipate, there could be an underlying medical condition, especially if it is also accompanied by a lack of appetite.

Advice For Optimal Lung Health

Quitting smoking and altering the diet are the main obvious habits individuals can manage to ensure they have healthy lungs. What is more, is that these are the most effective methods. If individuals are suffering from chronic conditions, antioxidant foods to the diet could be of great help.

Take the initiative and do not wait until forced to work out. Revitalize the lungs by making them more active. If the individual suffers from the chronic disease, do not be disheartened. Consult the health care provider before altering the regimen. However, bear in mind that individuals with asthma can run marathons.

Although there is no definite cause of asthma, it is known that dust mites and other germs that reside in dust could worsen the condition. In particular when they come into contact with the bloodstream. Therefore, it is vital to vacuum frequently and invest in a vacuum cleaner of good quality. Stay clear of fragrances and aerosols and use natural products.