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Night Time Habits Making You Gain Weight

    We all vouch for the fact that healthy eating habits help in maintaining or losing bodyweight. It improves heart health, controls blood pressure, insulin levels, and maintains your energy levels. But have you ever thought that despite following a healthy routine all through the day, why are you still gaining weight? You can easily blame this on your bedtime habits. There are certain bedtime habits that you unknowingly follow, which can lead to quick weight gain. These nighttime habits can screw up the entire day’s healthy diet and have a negative impact on your hormones.

    Midnight Snacking

    If you eat a healthy dinner but follow it up with high-calorie snacks, you are definitely stepping towards weight gain. Even if you have to stay up late in the night, you must opt for a healthy snack to munch on instead of going for a high carb or fatty snack. These extra calories that you munch at night need to be compensated with extra exercise the next morning.

    Eating While Watching TV

    OTT platforms have taken over in a big way. We are all addicted, and binge watches a series all through the night. You do not take into account how much you have eaten while watching the episodes. Controlling the portions of what you eat is also very important. 

    Alcohol Before Bedtime

    A peg of your favorite alcohol or a glass of wine at night gives you pleasure wrapped up with loads of calories. It can also disturb the sleep cycle. Not getting sufficient sleep also instigates the hunger hormones, and you start craving midnight snacks.  It completely messes up with all the weight loss efforts.

    Use Of Gadgets Before Bedtime

    The blue light of your mobile or television negatively affects the sleep cycle. You must not indulge in gadgets at least two hours before bedtime. Getting a good night’s sleep is much needed for a healthy and active mind and body. 

    Caffeine Before Bedtime

    Caffeine disrupts your sleep routine. You will not rest well and wake up sluggish, leading to disturbed routine, skipping physical activities and exercise. Avoid caffeinated drinks at least six hours before bedtime if you want to sleep well.

    Having Heavy Dinner

    The dinner must typically be the smallest meal you have in a day. If you sleep immediately after having a sumptuous meal, digestion is affected, and the food gets stored as fat. You tend to gain weight if you do so regularly. You must also consider the amount of salt intake in your food. Excess sodium causes water retention, which leads to obesity.

    Working Out Late In The Night

    Though it is extremely important to exercise regularly, you must do so at least three hours before bedtime. The endorphin rush after the workout can disrupt the sleep pattern. It could lead to an inactive morning the next day, resulting in low physical activity and higher calorie intake. 


    Thirst is often confused with hunger. Staying hydrated gives a signal to your body that your stomach is full. It also helps control the unnecessary intake of calories and helps maintain a healthy weight. 

    Eating Too Many Carbs And Sugar Before Bedtime

    Eating too many carbs and sugar before bedtime can lead to high insulin levels and promote fat storage. Even if you are hungry, you must opt for protein and complex carb-rich snacking options. 

    Office Work Before Going To Bed

    Answering your official emails or making a presentation disrupts your sleep pattern. It also increases stress levels, which could lead to hunger attacks. You can experience cravings, even if you had a full meal some time back.

    Skipping Dinner

    It is a myth that skipping dinner will help you lose weight. On the contrary, skipping meals will negatively impact your metabolism, and you might also overeat the next meal. In addition, skipping meals also causes stress and anxiety. 


    Better sleep and healthy bedtime routines lead to happy mornings, keep you fresh and focussed, and help maintain a healthy weight. So eat well, Rest well & wake up fresh!