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7 Ways To Get Healthy On A Budget

    It’s no secret that being healthy can be expensive. Gym memberships, organic foods, and specialty supplements can add up quickly. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of ways to get healthy without spending a lot of money. Many of the cheapest methods are also the most effective. Read on to find ways to get fit while sticking to your budget.

    Grow Your Food

    Whether you’re growing fruits, vegetables, or both, there are many benefits to having a garden. The low startup costs make it easy for almost anyone to try their hand at gardening. You can also save money by eating healthy foods like cucumbers and strawberries in the season rather than the off-season varieties that have traveled a long distance to get into your grocery store.  Of course, there are benefits even if you don’t have the time or interest in growing food yourself. For example, many local groceries offer low prices on fruits and vegetables that would be considered “exotic” or “specialty” in other parts of the country. The best part is that they don’t come with a high price tag.

    Drink Water, Not Soda or Juice

    Water is cheap, and it’s good for you. Soda is full of sugar and not-so-good for you. Juice contains a lot of sugar but also has the disadvantage of being pricy if you buy premium brands. Many sources recommend adding sliced lemon or cucumber to your water to give it a slight flavor, but this is also only effective if you are willing to pay for expensive fruit. The point is, water is always your best option, so save money by drinking more of it.

    Exercise For Heart Health

    There’s no denying that numerous studies have shown how good exercise can be for your heart. It also improves your breathing, circulation, and energy levels, just to name a few benefits. However, you can probably find an exercise regimen that doesn’t involve any of those fancy elliptical machines and treadmills that the more expensive gyms provide. For example, there are plenty of free workout videos online that include instructional demonstrations on everything from how to do a pull-up to how to do yoga. If you can’t find anything on YouTube, there are plenty of physical fitness subreddits that provide free workout options. Try exercising at home or outside with some simple bodyweight exercises like squats and lunges to save even more money.

    Eat Less Red Meat

    Everyone knows that red meat is unhealthy. However, some people keep eating it because they think that the only healthy proteins are expensive ones like fish and organic chicken. Not true! There are plenty of other options available to eat instead of spending your hard-earned cash on tuna or organic rotisserie chicken. Examples include beans, lentils, tofu, and even peanut butter. You can also get lots of good meat-free meals online by checking out vegetarian subreddits, health food websites, or just looking for vegetarian recipes on Google.

    Eat Frozen Fruits And Vegetables

    If you want to eat healthier but don’t have the money to buy fancy organic food, frozen fruits and vegetables can be your best option. Frozen veggies are often cheaper than fresh ones. Even frozen fruit has its advantages over fresh fruit due to having less moisture which allows it to last longer in the freezer. Plus, you can often find coupons for fruits and vegetables that will cut down on your overall grocery bill.

    Pack Your Lunch For Work

    Many of us already know that eating out is a waste of money. Even if your lunch doesn’t cost more than $10, you’re still spending more than necessary on food that’s probably not as healthy as what you could make at home. So, do yourself a favor and bring your lunch to work. Use a cheap insulated lunch box or bag and fill it with leftovers, sandwiches, and salads. You could even try making keto-friendly blender muffins if you want to make something portable that fits in at the office while also reasonably healthy. This will save you money over time and keep you healthier by avoiding fast food lunch options.


    There are all sorts of ways you can get healthy without spending too much money. Whether it’s thoroughly cooking your meals at home, exercising outdoors, or just looking for healthier meal options in general, there are plenty of free resources out there to help you do it. So don’t waste your hard-earned cash on expensive gym memberships and overpriced produce.