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6 Bad Eating Habits You Might Not Know

    The global pandemic has forced the world to be trapped inside their homes, disrupting their lives. A disrupted sleep cycle, causing you to develop nocturnal habits, or waking up late in the morning, has disrupted your health fundamentally. A disrupted sleep cycle also leads to abnormal eating habits, including eating snacks at 2:00 am or 3:00 am or having dinner past 10:00 pm.

    Such disrupted eating habits lead to abnormal fat accumulation in the body, causing side effects such as weight gain. Furthermore, even before the lockdown, people tend to develop bad eating habits subconsciously, where they aren’t even aware of the consequences it possesses. One of the troubling consequences includes weight gain that impacts significantly on your health. Here is a list of bad eating habits that results in weight gain problems. 

    Uncontrolled Snack Intake 


    The daily three-meal requirement is sufficient for your body to generate energy and work throughout the day. Excessive calories that your body stores as fat are not possible as your body consumes all the calories that are enough to get you throughout the day. These days, when you Netflix and Chill or vigorously work, snacking along with having three meals a day puts your body in distress. That includes the excessive calories generated from snacking throughout the day. Your body does not convert these calories into energy; but instead, it stores them. 

    This stored fat is your body’s survival mechanism to store energy when you don’t have food to eat. But since these conditions do not apply, the stored fat gets accumulated in various parts of your body, especially the belly region, causing weight gain. Thus, frequent snack intake throughout the day leads to weight gain. Furthermore, eating snacks throughout the day increases your daily sodium intake causing high blood pressure. 

    Opting For Instant Food When Hunger Is Uncontrollable


    You are the master of the mind, and so you can control your hunger. Uncontrollable hunger can lead to poor and unhealthy choices of food that affect your health. Most of the instantly available food is junk food like burgers, noodles, or pizzas. You might satisfy your hunger for a while, but your body will be in distress. When you opt for such junk food to instantly help your appetite, you add excessive fat to the body. This might also lead to heart diseases and cause heart attacks due to the sudden blockage of fat molecules’ blood vessels. 

    High Soda Intake 


    Summer seasons are the best as you get to enjoy your holidays, sipping cola on your front porch while chilling in the sun. You tend to feel thirsty and dehydrated during the summers, and you quench your thirst by drinking sugary drinks. The taste of such sugary drinks can be addicting. This addiction leads you astray, as your body takes in more than the required sugar amount in the body. Higher sugar amount in the body increases your chances of getting diabetes. The best alternative to quench your thirst is drinking water, which is considered a zero-calorie drink. Therefore, water does not add up excess calories.  

    Drinking Too Much Coffee 


    The 21st century is no place for the weak, as it is a ruthless era that demands work. The one thing that helps you survive the cut-throat competition is by sipping coffee throughout the day. Sipping coffee throughout the day increases the caffeine content in the body. Caffeine helps you stay energetic like a machine. Thus, it aids you to complete your work on time, without any dues.

    But as everything has a side effect, consuming high intakes of caffeine has one too. The side effects include disruption in sleep patterns and higher cortisol levels. Higher cortisol levels increase the cell’s sensitivity to insulin, causing higher sugar levels in the blood. Higher sugar levels in the body implicate weight gain conditions. 

    Skipping The Important Meal Of The Day


    People often skip morning breakfast for multiple reasons. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as it provides you the energy to work throughout the day. By skipping breakfast, you will feel weak and crave food and snack anytime during the day. This leads to uncontrollable calorie intake, which your body naturally tries to cope with the breakfast skipped in the morning. Therefore, it is often said to have breakfast like a King and dinner like a servant. Due to this habit, one might also tend to eat in excess at night. As physical activity is minimum at night, your body does not burn and stores them as fat. 

    Chew Your Food: Slow Eaters Burn Calories

    Chewing food slowly can help you burn 30 more calories than chewing food faster, as per research conducted by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. The study showed that chewing food slowly can improve your chances of burning around 2000 calories per month. There is a tendency to chew food faster when you are eating delicious cuisine, but having control of yourself will help you chew slow.

    Furthermore, the study also inferred that the satisfaction of eating decreases when you chew slowly. Thus, it becomes possible to control excessive eating that leads to weight gain. Therefore, adapting to a habit of chewing food slowly can help you eat delicious calories, and at the same time, help you keep your weight in check. 


    It is pretty challenging to get rid of bad habits and adapt to good eating habits but not impossible. The Center for Disease Control or CDC also suggests getting rid of such bad eating habits, as the consequences can be life-threatening. Apart from getting rid of bad eating habits, one should make sure to get good physical exercise in the day to keep your calories in check. Happy Eating! Remember to take it slow.