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5 Simple Ideas To Deal With Negativity

    Sometimes in life, a random event can create negative thoughts and negative feelings in our minds. It can be a negative comment from a colleague, not getting appreciation from a senior, fighting with your friend or spouse, children not listening to you, or even your favorite team losing an important game. These negative feelings, if not controlled, can lead to stress and other mental health problems. Sometimes emotions such as anger, envy, helplessness, and guilt tend to bother us every day in our life. Even if we want to avoid these emotions, negative people around us drag us down with them. So we must get rid of these negative people and negative emotions in our life. But the million-dollar question is how to weed out this negativity from our lives.

    Here are five simple yet proven practical ideas that would remove all the negative thoughts from your mind and life: 

    Keep Yourself Busy

    The proverb that “an idle mind is devil’s workshop” is 100% true. When you are idle and have nothing to do, all the negative thoughts try to creep into your mind. If you don’t seek heed to this, a tsunami of negative emotions would flood and clutter your mind. The best way to tackle this menace is to keep yourself busy. Keeping busy would erase all the negativity and bring positive emotions back into your mind. 

    If you are at work, then keep yourself occupied in productive work, and if you are free, then the best way to keep yourself occupied is by reading good books, working out in the gym, cycling, running, swimming, etc. Ensure that you don’t waste your free time on social media because keeping yourself busy on social media is a disaster recipe. 

    Have Sympathy And Help Someone

    Believe it or not, helping someone in need is the best way to feel happy and positive. No amount of inspirational book reading or motivational speeches would lift your spirit more than the feeling you get when you help someone in need and the gratitude you see in their eyes for you. You can help anyone. It can be your office colleague, your neighbor, can be an old lady struggling to cross the road, or a stray dog wanting an adoption. The act of helping others indeed would lift your dopamine and would make you feel happier. 

    Stay Away From Negative People

    Some people are always in a negative state of mind. For them, the glass is still half empty. They have an aura of negativity around them. They always feel sad and make the other person also miserable with their pessimistic approach. So it is essential to keep away from such people. If you go close to them and are in their close circle, you too would be affected by their negative attitude. It is effortless to identify such people; they are always sad, depressed, and have a bleak view of every situation in life. If you want to be happy and stress-free, then as a thumb rule, you should identify these kinds of people and stay away from them.

    Be A Part Of Society

    A human being is a social animal. We are programmed by nature to be in a society. Being with people (the right ones) makes our brains happy. So we must mingle with society. Make friends and spend quality time with them. Partake in family functions, spend quality time with your children, and have a candlelight dinner with your partner. Travel around the world and see the various cultures. The interaction with society makes us realize how lucky we are to have such good company. Being one with the community brings us a positive emotional experience and keeps away all the negativity. 

    Have A Positive Approach Toward Life 

    Whenever you get exposed to negativity, take a moment to introspect and keep an optimistic and positive approach. Understand the root cause of that negativity and if you can change it for the better, then change that negativity into a positive emotion. Don’t let stress and gloom be a part of your life. Count your life’s blessings and be grateful for the good things in life.