5 Health Clues Hiding Right On The Tongue

If individuals see something weird on their tongues in the mirror, the first response should not be panicking. More than likely, it is not a tongue disease. It might, however, indicate that there is something crucial going on with the health of the individual.

Color Of Tongue Is Strawberry Red

Individuals seeing this could be suffering from a vitamin deficiency. A bright, glossy red tongue might indicate that the body is lacking vitamin B12 or iron. Iron and vitamin B12 are required to mature the small bumps on the tongue. If the individual is deficient in these vitamins, they lose the papillae, leading to the tongue appearing quite smooth. If there is a vitamin-deficient that the individual is experiencing, they would likely realize varying symptoms, such as memory loss, issues with balance, weakness, and fatigue.

In more serious cases, this could result in pain when consuming liquids that are hot or eating spicy food. In particular, vegetarians are quite prone to reduced levels of B12, as it is found in specific meats. Suppose individuals realize that their entire tongue is the color of strawberries. Plus, they follow a vegetarian diet; they should consult a health care professional regarding the taking of supplements.

Tongue Has Black Or Brown Fuzz

Individuals do not have to best tongue health or hygiene practices if this has developed. Health care providers agree that a tongue covered in black hair is not a major concern. However, this looks very disgusting. Everyone has papillae, the small bumps on the tongue that grows consistently. These bumps are typically worn down because of drinking and chewing. However, at times they could grow out of proportion, making them more vulnerable to the growth of bacteria.

It could also allow them to be discolored from the food being consumed. This could result in taste abnormalities and bad breath. Usually, the black fuzz on the tongue is caused by consuming dark teas, coffee, smoking, or poor dental hygiene. In order to resolve this nasty issue, individuals need to eliminate the offending source. For example, stop smoking and then brush your teeth or utilize a tongue brush.

Color Of Tongue Is Cottage Cheese White

An individual has a yeast infection if this is the case. A white-coated, lumpy tongue might be thrush, which is an oral yeast infection. It is caused by the overproduction of candida. This condition is connected to antibiotics. The tongue is a habitat for naturally occurring yeast and bacteria. When an individual takes an antibiotic that kills bacteria, it could allow the yeast to take control.

As the yeast is not eliminated by the antibiotics. Individuals with weakened immune systems could experience some pain and taste disturbance due to thrush. Normally found in younger children, thrush could also be found in individuals with poorly managed diabetes and autoimmune diseases. As well as the elderly and people having chemotherapy treatment. Thrush cannot be treated with products from over the counter; individuals will need to consult their health care provider.

Wrinkles On The Tongue

Individuals are aging if this is seen on the tongue. The tongue also wrinkles with age. Cracks and fissures in the tongue are normally harmless. However, issues could develop if poor dental hygiene results in infection between the crevices. Once in a blue moon, a fungal infection could manifest within the clefts. Individuals will immediately feel pain, sometimes a bit of burning, and a foul odor. The infection is typically treated with antifungal medicine. Indentations in the tongue could also be the result of dental appliances, such as dentures.

Small Patches Of White On The Tongue

This translates to something irritating the mouth. White patches that are painlessly known as leukoplakia are a result of excess cell growth. This is generally associated with people that smoke. The lesions on the tongue have a five to seven percent chance of becoming cancerous. In the event that the individual smokes, this is the body indicating that it is beginning to develop precancerous lesions.

In several situations, leukoplakia could reverse when the individual quits smoking, and it will stop the development of tongue disease. The white patches could also be a result of abrasions on the tooth consistently coming into contact with the tongue. This link is made mainly for individuals that do not smoke. However, if this condition does not subside within seven to fourteen days, it is recommended that a dentist be consulted.