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5 Foods That Aren’t As Healthy As You Thought

    You would assume that with the internet at the tip of our fingers and many sources to check from. We would have some sure answers about what works well for our health and what doesn’t. However, health is a complex matter, and finding what adds more nutrition to your life is a task that can require some effort. Well, to help you preserve some of that effort for directing to another topic, this article will tell you about the 5 foods that aren’t as healthy as you thought.

    Of course, we should always note that context would be an integral part of our lives. We have various body shapes and types, health conditions and allergies, and many other things. However, it’s always a good start to cut out calorie-loaded foods that don’t offer much nutritional value from your diet, like the following five foods.

    Fruit Juice

    A little surprise here is valid. You must be wondering how fruit juice can be anything other than healthy or beneficial. And particularly thanks to how companies have been increasing more and more options of ‘all-natural juices advertised as the one health solution you had been waiting for all these years, it may be even more shocking. But as is the truth, when you buy juices from outside, it’s more likely than not that they’re full of sugar and calories, something decidedly not what you’re looking for. It’s better to prepare your juice at home with whole foods and no sugar instead of relying on the packaged stuff available at the grocery stores. 

    This goes for the natural fruit juice options as well, since sugars can be natural too. However, it would help if you were informed about what you consume and the quantity you’re consuming it in, and starting with replacing a glass of fresh juice made at home instead of the packaged one is a good step.

    Dried Fruit

    The surprise doesn’t end. Who knew that what you pegged for as a healthy fix is actually not that, well, healthy? Dried fruit makes things very convenient. It’s there when you can’t grab some fresh fruit, and it doesn’t rot away in a rush like fresh fruit can. You can also carry it everywhere, from the gym to the office, and the variety you can choose from is delightful. And if it’s coming from fresh produce and is so nutritional, what’s the harm? 

    Sadly your favorite dried mango is bursting with sugar. You will also need to be very careful about the portions you’re consuming, thanks to how calorie-dense your dried pineapple is. It would be best for you if you also remembered that the extended shelf life of the dried fruits you’re mindlessly snacking on -which is another problem -is coming from abundant preservatives.

    Don’t be upset, though. You can still have these dried fruits, but you’ll need to check the nutritional value and be aware of the portion size you’re munching on.

    Granola Bars

    Can this list be more heartbreaking? As you’ll find out, yes. Many of your favorite breakfast cereal-based bars are not healthy for you, thanks to the common ingredients they have – processed flour and sugar. It’s saddening because people try hard to get something worth eating for breakfast, choosing the seemingly healthier options over the clearly unhealthy ones. Too bad, because even these varieties, like granola breakfast treats, offer only slight nutritive value. On the other hand, they’re also loaded with calories. The high sugar content is something your health won’t appreciate, and it’s better to make another choice. An excellent way of ensuring that you get maximum health benefits is by making your foods at home with whole grains and highly nutritive ingredients. Even if you can’t, it’s better to replace your older breakfast cereal varieties with alternatives like rolled oats so that you can get a lot of fiber as well.

    Fat-Free or Low-Fat Food

    It’s extraordinary to find this one on the list. Many studies have warned that the low-fat/fat-free foods we consume so confidently, assuming they are healthy, are likely to have more calories and sugar. This is to compensate for the flavor lost -without fat, there won’t be much flavor left in your foods, and who will buy it from companies then? To make up for this, the producers include additional flavors and extra sugar. Consuming such foods is not a move in a healthy direction.

    Another point to be careful about when you’re buying fat-free or low-fat food is the likelihood of you overeating it. Many consumers tend to overeat such foods because they’re assured that reducing fat from foods makes them healthy. To avoid this trap, it’s better to prepare your food at home with healthier ingredients, like yogurt and fruit purees. Replace the usual potato chips with kale chips or roasted chickpeas for healthier snack options.

    Instant Oatmeal

    Instant Oatmeal can be deceptively unhealthy, containing extra sugar and carbohydrates. While the body needs a little bit of everything, consuming anything in excess can spell trouble for your health. And if you’re particularly concerned about your health and trying to make better choices, the friendlier choice for you would be to consume a homemade bowl of oatmeal. Since you’re making it yourself, you can make it a genuinely healthy choice by adding less sugar and carbohydrates. 

    The delightful news to compensate for all the shocks this list has given you is that there’s a wide range of exciting recipes you can try out instead. In just 15 minutes, you can make oatmeal banana pancakes, and it’s not only healthy but also delicious. To boost the health factor, you can add chia seed or flaxseed to it. Or you can prepare some fig-infused oats. This will give you the satisfaction of having cooked something new and exciting. You’ll also be doing yourself some major health favors by making these choices.


    As we’re growing more aware of how much we need to prioritize our health and how a healthy diet goes a long way in ensuring and promoting a stress-free life, it’s high time we start questioning traditionally accepted foods and bust myths. While we would hate to say goodbye to some of our favorite foods, it’s also necessary to replace them with options that positively affect our health. 

    Making better-informed and healthier choices, of course, does not mean that you cannot eat dried fruit or drink fruit juice ever again. Having them in controlled portions occasionally can still be done. Plus, the other exciting options you can try by ditching the same old packaged stuff you buy on every grocery trip will be a nice change too! Ask your body after you make the change – it will agree.