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5 Activities That Get You Outside And Exercising

    Nothing can beat an excellent outdoor workout or any physical activity outside, most certainly not a gym membership that we find ways to skip every other day. There is everything from fresh air, nature, and a calming ambiance to seamless grounds, which is precisely what your body craves after the pandemic had us cooped in our humble abode for months on end. Now that it is safe to go outside, what is a better way to reconnect with nature and regain the lost sense of refreshing body health than exercising? Below are activities that need you to leave your house, whether for a park, street or just your backyard, without any significant equipment requirement or a need for an exercising partner 


    With everyone including yoga in their day-to-day routine, it has been one of the significant fitness trends of late, and let me tell. The hype’s not for nothing. And though it indeed could be easily practiced indoors with just a yoga mat on your balcony or room, yoga under the big blue sky, in the cool refreshing breeze, and near nature hits just different. 

    Moreover, did you know that yoga was primarily formed to be practiced outdoors and not indoors thousands of years ago? 

    Yoga is focused on coordinating mind and body into the workout to help improve a human being’s overall wellness and pair it up with the benefits of being out in nature, such as fresh air, mood boost, and heightened senses; the session is worth a try. 

    Some of the proven benefits of taking your yoga mat outdoors once in a while include lower blood pressure levels, a strengthened immune system, reduced stress levels, and mitigating diseases.


    When was the last time you went strolling around the neighborhood on your bicycle or went out with friends to a cycling track? It is one of the most recommendable, healthy, and easy entire-body workouts you could readily alternate for a gym day. 

    Cycling is known to benefit and improve the cardiovascular health of a person significantly. It also works out your hamstrings, calves, and quads, making it an ultimate lower-body workout.

    People suffering from the joint pain of any sort or recovering from injuries have difficulty finding the proper exercise to do that doesn’t stress any muscles and joints. Cycling is one of the few workouts perfect for such patients as it is non-weight bearing. Furthermore, the need to coordinate each pedal while maintaining balance makes it an excellent exercise to get the body and mind to work in symphony. 

    So the next time you plan an outdoor meet with friends, arrange a cycling session instead and relieve stress and body aches while having a fun time.

    Trail Running 

    The first thing that comes to most people’s minds whenever running is mentioned is a gym treadmill, and though it is indeed almost like running on a track, the benefits are nothing alike. The air resistance you get while running outdoors is something you miss out on during an indoor treadmill session known to reduce the energy you burn for the same length of sessions. 

    The changing landscape outdoors and the tracks you choose stimulate your entire body and muscles. Moreover, being around nature and inhaling fresh air brings calmness to the mind and helps relieve built-up stress. 


    For someone not into running or who has begun to work out after a long time and is low on stamina to cover a significant distance, hiking is one of the best alternatives. Depending on how intense you wish to keep your session, you can range your hiking session from a simple and peaceful walk to a heart-pounding workout. 

    Hiking is good for toning and exercising both the lower body( glutes, quads, hamstrings) and the upper body( shoulders, arms, and back). It is also known to benefit bone density since it is a weight-bearing exercise. 

    Walking beautiful landscapes and amidst nature during a hike is beneficial as a workout routine and is also proven productive for creative heads. Hiking improves problem-solving capacity and critical thinking, helping people going through a block overcome it. 

    A hike with friends and family is a great weekend plan to de-stress and have a little catching-up session your work had you missing out on.

    Swimming And Stand Up Paddleboarding

    Kids love traveling to the beach, and if you are someone who barely gets time for yourself, this is it. There is a variety of water sports one can participate in near waters, and two of the most popular ones include paddleboarding and swimming. 

    Swimming is yet another low-impact exercise after cycling, perfect for those suffering and recovering from injuries, as it doesn’t strain the body in any way. It is an excellent head to toes workout without having to spend hours on intense gym sessions. The resistance of water increases muscle strength, tones the body, helps stretch muscles, releases built-up tension, and increases flexibility.

    Similarly, paddling benefits include – building upper body strength( arms, shoulders, back, and chest), improving core strength, building leg strength, elevating heart rate, keeping cardiovascular health in check, etc.

    Waters have been a source of serenity and peace. Beaches and other waters, whether for swimming or paddleboarding, are often explored for their positive effects on one’s mental health. It fights depression, anxiety, and stress, calms the mind, and decreases overwhelming sensory information.


    Treasure hunting, jump rope, sidewalk chalk games, obstacle course, and many such games make for great fitness activities for kids and adults alike who do not have time to travel far from home. Every once in a little while, even though you might not feel like exercising, going out and resting on a park bench is much better than being cooped up indoors. Happy Scrolling!