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31 Fat Burning Foods That Stop Cravings

    Heavily processed foods can make it challenging to maintain constant weight loss, but some of the healthiest foods rich in fiber help you lose weight. Fibrous foods also regulate blood sugar levels, help keep you satisfied after a meal, and are often lower in calories. A study suggests that the more dietary fiber that one person incorporates into their daily routine, the more they can work against gut fats.


    Eggs are a quick and healthy meal for breakfast and dinner options as they’re high in fat-burning choline and muscle-building protein. Also, about half of the egg’s protein is in its yolk. Plus, the yolk is the top dietary source of fat-burning choline.

    Matcha Tea 

    Matcha works as a fat-burning tea. EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) is a compound in matcha that stops fat cells’ growth and boosts metabolism. EGCG is a catechin antioxidant-rich in green, oolong, and black tea.

    Fermented Foods

    Fermented foods like sauerkraut, miso, and tempeh contain friendly bacteria called probiotics that help regulate gut function, banish bloat, and boost immunity. Plain Greek unsweetened yogurt can provide probiotic benefits as well.

    Sprouted Bread

    Bread can be the right food, depending on which loaf you choose. Go for baked toast with sprouted grains instead of going for nutrient-filled white bread. Sprouted whole grains contain vitamin C, vitamin B, fiber, folate, and some other amino acids. Both vitamin C and fiber are associated with weight loss. Make a sandwich with vegetables, like broccoli and bell peppers, and excellent vitamin C and fiber sources.

    Green Tea

    Green tea contains catechins that reduce gut fat naturally. Many people find benefit in replacing their caffeine pills in the morning with green tea. Green tea’s caffeine works as a stimulant to help burn fat and improves exercise performance in various studies. 

    Guacamole (Avocado Dip)

    Trade your mustard and mayo for a dose of guacamole. Avocados are rich fruit with monounsaturated fats that keep you thin and satisfied.


    Kefir is a cultured dairy byproduct like yogurt, but it’s more of a delightful, creamy drink with a smoothie consistency. It contains probiotics to help regulate a healthy gut and can be a brilliant choice if you feel bloated, as constipation can be a big problem. It’s also very high in protein naturally.

    Dark Chocolate

    The natural oil found in chocolate and cocoa butter comprises heart-healthy monounsaturated fats. However, one-third of the fats in cocoa are stearic acid, which doesn’t level up fat. 


    Peanuts have a belly-fat-blasting effect besides making a delicious spread or dip. A compound Genistein acts on fatty genes and reduces your body’s ability to store fat. Peanuts are also brimming with polyunsaturated fats linked to reduced fat storage and improved sugar metabolism in the body.


    The prebiotics in oats feeds the good bacteria in your gut, helping them increase. There’s a robust dietary fiber in oatmeal, helping you stay full until lunchtime. It is low in fat, high in protein, and loaded with minerals like iron. Instead of adding sugar, stir in two tablespoons of strawberries or blueberries. 

    Sweet Potatoes

    Sweet potatoes are rich in fiber, which can help you burn belly fat and lose weight. Sweet potatoes’ high fiber content makes you feel satisfied after your meal, helping you adhere to a calorie-restricted diet. 


    Quinoa contains more protein and all essential amino acids than any other grain. A study reveals that the grain reduces waist circumference and serum triglycerides in obese and overweight subjects.

    Olive Oil

    Olive oil makes you feel full and helps you slim down. Extra-virgin olive oils contain antioxidants, which reduce inflammation, especially oleocanthal. Skip foods deep-fried in oil and fried snacks that are associated with weight gain.

    Ginger Root

    The spicey active ingredient in ginger root, gingerol, is thermogenic, which triggers the body to burn more calories. The research found that those who drank ginger tea burned more fat and calories than they did while drinking plain water. Gingerol also reduces feelings of hunger.

    Kidney Beans

    Kidney beans include amylase inhibitors that break down complex carbohydrates and starches. They also delay the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates from the digestive tract and prevent the release of simple sugars.

    Amylase inhibitors are utilized as a part of a treatment for fat and obesity in supplement form.



    Lentils contain a ton of protein, making them an excellent salad addition or soup base to make a substantial meal. The fiber and starch within lentils can help you absorb fewer calories between meals.


    Plant-based omega-3s reside in any healthy eating meal, but leafy greens such as spinach help tighten up. Spinach is packed with minerals like potassium, which can help balance the bloat-inducing effects of sodium.


    Water is one of the most excellent fat-burning compounds. Drinking more water makes you feel full and makes it easier to burn unnecessary calories. That’s a fundamental element of fat and weight loss. Use the lemon juice to squirt it into a glass of water or a salad dressing base to burn belly fat.


    It packs 13 grams of protein per 2.5-ounce serving to help burn fat and build muscle, but they also contain brain-boosting DHA, significant amounts of omega-3 fats. The polyunsaturated, heart-healthy fats in tuna deem this versatile fish one of our top foods that burn belly fat.


    Kale is full of Omega 3, vitamin K, essential fatty acids, calcium, and fiber. Research has found that regularly consuming foods low in energy density can be an effective weight management strategy.

    Sea Vegetables

    There’s good reason to include marine gems like kombu, nori, wakame, hijiki, or arame into your regular meal. Sea vegetables are inflammation-fighting powerhouses as you can’t find omega-3 fatty acids in other plant foods.


    Jicama is an amazingly versatile vegetable that can be eaten cooked or raw. This vegetable can quickly help you meet your daily fiber goals with 32 grams of fiber in one medium jicama. Gut fat can be reduced by 3.7 percent for every 10-gram increase in soluble fiber eaten per day.


    Supplementing diets with pomegranate showed an especially significant decrease in abdominal fat. It resulted in reduced markers of both cardiovascular and obesity risk factors.


    Soy products like tempeh, tofu, and edamame own a powerful isoflavone called genistein, which improves lipid oxidation. Soy products are excellent in burning unnecessary fat.

    Broccoli Sprouts

    Broccoli sprouts have been associated with the cholesterol-lowering effect and have been shown to reduce fat-storage potentially.


    Go for cranberries with no sugar. One of the top dietary sources of ursolic acid is the tart little orbs, an anti-inflammatory plant compound that targets fat. Ursolic acid increases muscle strength and mass, promotes tissue deposition, improves glucose tolerance, burns fats, etc.


    Persimmons contain ursolic acid, just like cranberries. But you have to eat the leathery, firm skin to reap the advantages. Try blending the fruit into a quick weight-loss smoothie if you’re not a fan of the texture.


    Barley contains mostly soluble fiber, a whopping 6 grams. It has been linked to burning fat, increased satiety, lowered cholesterol, and decreased blood sugar. Reduced hunger and stabilize blood sugar are menaces against fat, so start including barley in your meals. 

    Cruciferous Vegetables

    Fiber is compatible with crunchy veggies that you can easily find fresh in broccoli, kohlrabi, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts. These veggies are low in calories prepared baked on a sheet pan or a sauté pan on the stove. You can eat them raw, too, as they retain all of their phytonutrients.


    We all know that milk contains calcium good for bones. But it plays an essential role in burning belly fat too. Studies have shown that drinking a glass of milk daily reduces fat on other organs and significantly reduces belly fat.


    Many people do not eat watermelon due to its sweetness, but watermelon is not all sugar. This fruit contains 8% sugar and 92% water. It is low in the number of calories as one cup of watermelon contains about 40 calories. Watermelon also contains vitamins C and A and fiber, which helps the bowel movement.

    Final Thoughts:

    You probably know that certain foods can help your body burn fat and boost your metabolism. These fat-burning foods help you lose weight by burning visceral belly fat and create a thermogenic effect in the body. Throw some of these foods into your cart during your next shopping trip and add them to your everyday meals.