10 Things You Should Not Do At A Gym

When hitting the gym, everyone is aware of the gym’s basic unwritten rules, avoiding phone calls, talking less, curling everything into a squat rack, and putting the weights in the right place. But there are many gym etiquettes that most people tend to forget. Though done unknowingly, these gestures create a lot of nuisance to fellow gym members and seriously harm your health. A gym is a place where people come to channelize their energy towards enhancing their health. Here is a list of 10 things that you should avoid doing in the gym.

Never Use A Bench Or A Mat Without Cleaning It

Now, after the pandemic, everyone is aware of the importance of sanitization. The gym benches and the mats are a house to dangerous bacteria and viruses, including the coronavirus. If you use any bench or mat without cleaning or sensitizing it, some severe infections can form if you get a cut. Every decent gym provides free sanitizers, wipes, and sprays to clean the surfaces, so use them and be safe.

Trying Too Much Equipment At Once

Some people use multiple gym equipment at once, without thinking about other people at the gym. Sometimes, it is done due to ignorance, but sometimes even the frequent gym rats avoid extra labor or overcrowding. It should not be done. You should only take the weights or equipment needed by you.

Never Shower Without Wearing Flip-Flops

The shower is another place where there would be millions of bacteria and viruses. People often urinate and even defecate in these places. These germs can enter your body through your feet, even if there is a very minute cut or even bruise on them. Always keep a personal flip flop or slippers in your gym bag. It would save you from harmful germs and would also keep your feet and body clean.

Put The Weights Back After You Have Used Them

This is the most common mistake that people make in the gym. It is basic common sense to put the weights back at the rack after doing the bench press or biceps curl. If everyone decides not to put on weight after using them, no one will find their weight, and it would be a mess. So always make sure that you put back all the weights at the right place after the workout. People would genuinely appraise and appreciate you for this gesture.

Please Don’t Give Unwanted Advice.

Everyone at the gym hates and avoids the person who is constantly shoving their unwanted advice on exercises, weights, breathing patterns. Just don’t be this kind of guy. Everybody loves their personal space. There are trainers for this job. Even if someone asks you for some advice upfront, you should only advise on things you are sure of.

Constantly Checking Yourself In The Mirror

You would often spot a guy checking his biceps or triceps every 10 seconds. He is sure to become the laughing stock of the gym. Some people unknowingly do this and embarrass themselves. A once in w while gaze is ok but admiring yourself constantly can be quite selfish. Even if you have a physique to die for, they also don’t be showing off. A good body in itself is a statement about your hard work and dedication.

Avoid Being On Your Phone

A good workout and phone cannot go together. If you are at the gym, it is a grave sin to be on the phone all the time. It should be avoided at all costs. Of course, if there is any emergency or vital call to take, then it is fine, but using the phone all the time can never let you achieve your fitness goals.

Don’t Ego Lift

One of the significant causes of injury and accidents in the gym is due to ego lifting. People lift heavy weights, which is beyond their capacity to show off and impress people. This can cause serious harm to their body and make them crippled for their life. So only lift what your body strength permits, and under the guidance of a trained professional.

Don’t Hit On Women

No doubt gym is the place you would find fit women who share a common interest in fitness. Yet, it does not give you a free hand to use cheap pickup lines, stare at women or give her unwanted advice. 

Don’t Use Weight Without Collars.

Numerous accidents happen across America in gyms, where the injury is caused due to people using bench presses and other exercises without outing the weight collars. It is a severe mistake and costs you dearly. As a matter of practice, you must always use weight collars when using barbells.


A gym is a place where you go to build a better body and physique. It is a place where you promise yourself to be a healthy individual. But it is also a social place, and hence one should be very careful and watchful while at the gym. By following and practicing the above points, you would become the perfect gym individual, whom everyone would appreciate.