10 Foods That Can Boost Your Memory

The brain is a complex organ, but this complexity also allows it to be so phenomenal. Your body depends on the brain to get the commands and perform them ideally. Taking care of your brain health for a meaningful life is a big step in the right direction. For starters, try including these ten foods for better brainpower. 


Blueberries are fabulous because they help improve our health in more than one way. As you might have guessed, one benefit of having blueberries is related to the brain. Anthocyanins are protective compounds that are present in blueberries. Studies have pointed at the positive effect blueberry consumption has on improving short-term memory loss. Short-term memory is an integral part of our normalcy, and experts encourage foods that promote better brain health. Blueberries do this beautifully and are readily available. 


Eggs are eggcellent and one of the best things you could give your health. Eating eggs reduces brain shrinkage. Eggs contain a significant quantity of B vitamins needed for regulating normal brain function. Eggs also have choline, which further aids in boosting your memory. The studies have shown the usefulness of consuming eggs in lessening cognitive impairment in the elderly. However, individuals who do not include eggs in their diet should look for alternatives like dairy or fortified foods to meet their nutritional requirements.  

Pumpkin Seeds

It’s a shame that so many of us unwittingly miss out on nutrition by excluding seeds from our diet. Pumpkin seeds are very healthy and offer necessary minerals that help in improving thinking skills. Pumpkin seeds are also beneficial in improving memory, primarily due to zinc present in pumpkin seeds. Another substantial element of mental health is our mood, and pumpkin seeds contain nutrients that are known for their positive effect on an individual’s mood. For instance, magnesium is present in pumpkin seeds, which is fantastic news for anyone who wants a break from stress. 


Since childhood, our parents have told us the value of eating more veggies, but our stubborn reliance on processed, unhealthy foods prevents us from getting nutrition. Broccoli is an essential source of vitamin K, which contributes to the improvement of cognitive function. Regularly including this vegetable in your diet also vouches for better brainpower and helps the central nervous system function properly. According to research, broccoli has crucial compounds that work for a sharp memory. It also has properties that can help in avoiding conditions like Alzheimer’s. 

Oily Fish 

Oily fish contains nutrition that the body cannot make on its own. Namely, the essential fatty acids that play a substantial role in maintaining healthy brain function and keeping the heart fit. The body cannot produce these fatty acids, and we must rely on our food intake to get them. Thankfully, oily fish is naturally rich in them, and eating oily fish can result in a better mood and stress management. Salmon, sardines, trout, and mackerel are excellent sources of these fats, and you can take them for the wellness of your brain. 


Unsurprisingly, turmeric has held such immense importance in Indian culture for so many years. Even today, this yellow spice has been the recipient of rising popularity. Turmeric is overall good for your health too, but it doesn’t disappoint even when it comes to your brain. Turmeric is associated with improving memory, easing depression, and helping new brain cells grow. It is a wonderful food that you can add to your diet for boosting the brain. With its active ingredient called curcumin, turmeric directly affects the brain, improving the mood helping with mental decline linked with age. 

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate keeps surprising people with its health benefits. If you’ve been skeptical of dark chocolate all this time for some unfathomable reason, the evidence of its goodness may compel you to change your mind. Dark chocolate has flavonoids, caffeine, and antioxidants -all compounds considered friendly for brain-boosting. Dark chocolates affect the brain areas responsible for memory and age-related mental conditions. In fact, including some healthy quantities of dark chocolate can also lead to a happier mood. It protects the brain and keeps you happy, and it’s undeniably one of the yummiest foods out there. 


Oranges have held varying degrees of importance in popular literature at various points in time. But it’s not shocking to find that this vitamin. C-loaded fruits are also associated with hope and positivity. Research says that oranges have powerful properties that can protect you from Alzheimer’s disease and other age-related mental conditions. The abundance of vitamin C shields the brain from free radicals, and thus your brain can stay protected from damage. Having a medium orange every day is immensely favorable for your brain health, and there are many ways you can include this fruit in your diet. 

Green Tea

The world has been growing fonder of green tea over the recent years for the multiple health benefits this beverage offers. One such benefit is related to our brain health. Green tea contains caffeine, like coffee, which helps in better brain function. Like L-theanine, the other compounds present in green tea affect neurotransmitter activity, reducing the feeling of anxiety and making you feel more relaxed. The different areas where green tea proves beneficial are linked with alertness, performance, focus, and memory. The best part about green tea is that the relaxation it provides without being accompanied by tiredness. 


The human body is full of intricacies and miraculous connections. For example, your heart health and brain health are closely connected. When you take foods that are beneficial for your heart health, your brain will also benefit. Apart from this reason too, eating nuts is good for the brain. It improves cognition and helps maintain a sharp memory. Nuts are also effective for avoiding neurodegenerative diseases. Regular consumption of nuts means that you will be able to offer your brain protection from free radical damage, thanks to vitamin E generally found in nuts. Nuts also have healthy fats and antioxidants, both good for brain health.


In the chaos of modern life, chock-full of unhealthy foods and habits, your brain gets affected in numerous ways. People across demographics, whether we consider age or ethnicity, get mentally affected. Having a balanced diet good for your brain can help you stay clear-headed, mentally healthy, and have a sharper memory.